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The Cause



The US Department of Labor estimates that the military discharges 160,000 Active service members and 110,000 Reserve and National Guard members annually.


Statistically, about 32,000 of those veterans will join the ranks of nearly 1 million veterans already unemployed. For young, male veterans (ages 18-24) the picture is even bleaker: in 2011, one out of every three was looking for work, almost double the unemployment rate of their non-veteran peers.




Many veterans struggle to market themselves effectively. Employers receive resumes every day from veterans, but hiring managers have trouble understanding the military lingo and identifying transferable skills.


There are also stigmas associated with veterans. Some employers believe Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are not good job candidates due to physical or psychological disabilities. Our nation has invested considerable resources into training its military service members, only to “leave money on the table” when those members become unemployed veterans.




Hire Heroes USA believes a solution to the problem is to train job-seeking veterans to find and attain employment, while creating opportunities for employers to meet those veterans. Through our intake process and workshops, we provide personalized employment assistance to US military veterans and their spouses by managing realistic expectations, training in self-marketing, and identifying transferable skills from the military to private sector. Simply, we help bridge the gap between them and you, our Corporate Partners.