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Hire Heroes USA (Hire Heroes) is dedicated to creating job opportunities for US military transitioning service members, veterans, and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Hire Heroes’ services are provided at no cost to the veteran or spouse.


With a member of the Hire Heroes Veteran Programs team, service members will:


  • Receive resume revisions that effectively convey their previous experience and value proposition to potential employers
  • Develop a post-military strategic plan
  • Identify post-military financial requirements and veteran benefits
  • Learn effective job search, job application, and job interviewing techniques




Q. Will Hire Heroes get me a job?


A. It is Hire Heroes’s pledge to all who register to offer effective veteran career search assistance and job placement services. However, it is no guarantee of career placement. Our corporate partners submit new open jobs daily to our job board. Hire Heroes’s partner companies have a wide range of employment opportunities available nationwide, ranging from entry level to senior positions. These positions vary both in industry and location. There is no guarantee that jobs will be posted that fit your individual needs. In the event Hire Heroes’s partner companies do not have any opportunities matching your skill set and geographic preferences, the staff will work with our corporate partners to try to find career opportunities for you.


Q. Why is it important to send Hire Heroes a DD214?


A. A DD214 form is needed to confirm your status as a US military veteran. Hire Heroes is unable to present you as a candidate to potential employers without DD214 confirmation of your veteran status. Please black out your social security number for your privacy.


Q. Do I have to have a degree in order to find employment through Hire Heroes?


A. Earning a college degree can certainly enhance the number of employment opportunities available to you. However, you do not need a degree to register with our program. Hire Heroes’s partner companies have a wide variety of excellent career opportunities that do not require a college degree.


Q. Is there a certain resume format I should use?


A. Hire Heroes recommends utilizing the Sample Resume Template as a guideline when building your resume.


Q. Why do I occasionally receive employment opportunity notices via e-mail from Hire Heroes for positions not near my geographical location?


A. Hire Heroes alerts you to opportunities nationwide matching your skills and abilities.


Q. Why is it important to frequently check and respond to emails and voice-mails?


A. While conducting a job search, check your email frequently in the event a potential employer is trying to communicate with you. For example, an employer may need additional information or want to set up an interview. Answering e-mails in a timely manner lets the employer know that you are both interested and responsible.


Q. Why is it important to double check my voicemail message or ring-tone choice?


A. A ring-tone choice and your voice mail message recording both influence employers’ first impression of you. Hire Heroes strongly recommends that you record a professional voicemail response and select a standard ring tone.


Q. Why is my email address important?


A. Like your resume, an email address gives people a first impression of who you are. To ensure a professional and polished first impression to potential employers, Hire Heroes strongly recommends that you create an email address for business communication which simply contains your name, for example johnsmith @ aol or john_smith @ gmail.





*If you have any additional questions, please call 678-323-2593 for further assistance.