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Registration: Registration opens first thing Friday morning and capacity is limited each week. If registration is full when you attempt to register, please note that registration will open again the following Friday morning. We appreciate your patience as we try to accommodate as many veterans as possible.




In order to register you will need a copy of your DD214 or proof of military service. If you need to get a copy of your DD214 or other military service records, instructions are provided here. It is acceptable and advisable to black out any personal information (such as social security number) that is not relevant to our verification process. Paperwork from the Veterans Administration or terminal leave orders are acceptable proof of service if you are unable to produce a DD214. Only veterans with an honorable discharge from the military are guaranteed access to the Hire Heroes USA  Job Board and our Corporate Partners. All other discharge types are subject to employee discretion and approval before receiving services.


Need help now? Check out a full spectrum of resume examples, resources and personalized classes available on VetNet to help you with your immediate job search needs. Veterans who participate in scheduled Hangouts with a Hire Heroes USA staff member will be enrolled into our program – a great way to avoid the wait for weekly registration! Click this VetNet link to get started.





After you have registered you will be contacted by a member of our Veteran Programs team. *Due to extremely heavy veteran registration, our goal is to contact you within 5 business days. Please proactively review the jobs that are on our job board, as they are updated daily.


Partnership for Success: Communication is a key determinant of career placement success. It is important for veterans to respond to Hire Heroes staff in a timely fashion and vice-versa. Please remember to check the email account that you registered with frequently for notifications, updates, and general communication from our staff. Effective communication is vital in maintaining the integrity of this program, its veterans, and our relationships with corporate partners.