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Veteran Testimonials

“I would recommend HHUSA to other veterans. Of all the Vet Programs/Agencies I found Hire Heroes USA to be the best. They did a great job re-doing my resume and were extremely helpful. Thank you so much.” – Marilyn M., U.S. Army



“This is an awesome service that is provided to our veterans. I joined the Air Force at 18 straight out of high school and had no idea how to create a resume. My Veteran Transition Specialist Kelsey was awesome. Her personality helped me to gain confidence and to relax. We wrote a great resume that I feel reflects my capabilities. She helped me through the interview process and the process of reviewing offers. I love my new job, and my transition has been a breeze. I will continue to keep in touch with Kelsey as I feel I have gained a friend. I will forever be grateful for the services that she provided. I have no negative comments, and I will recommend your service to everyone I know leaving the military.” – Roland L., U.S. Air Force



“I’m writing this to recognize my Veteran Transition Specialist for his help, professionalism, and resume writing skills. He was very courteous and provided prompt support. I applied to three jobs with the resume he helped me prepare, and all three companies made an offer of employment within seven days after the interviews. I truly appreciate all of the help and hard work of Hire Heroes USA.” – Ismael Z., U.S. Army



“In a time in my life when I thought I might need a little help, HHUSA was there for me. I had been out of the military for about a year and a half and now was taking the role as veteran and spouse so the uncertainty of my career was very alarming to me, but one night I found this website that is for veterans and I submitted my resume. Within 24 hours I had a representative calling me and a list of jobs that matched my qualifications. I also received excellent improvements to my resume and in one month I got a job at USAA.   I have to be honest, I did not think this was going to work. I thought it might just be another site full of promises and no answers, but I must say I was tremendously surprised and overwhelmed by all the support I received as well as the follow-up even after I got my job. So, this organization is not only a service but it’s like they become your friend. Thank you so much for your belief in me.  I love HHUSA. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME KEEP UP THE OUTSTANDING WORK!” – Janetta W., U.S. Army



“I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. The time you spent on me and my husband, helping us build or fix our resume, was a tremendous help. There should be more people like you out there. I believe you were put on this earth to help others. ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough to express how grateful I am of your help.” – Yessamyn P., U.S. Army 



“Thank you for the ray of hope that you and your organization offer. It  gives me such a good feeling to know someone cares!” – Georgie Bignault, U.S. Army



“I’ve been out of the military since 2003. I’ve looked for jobs and even had agency help. None of them helped me like Hire Heroes USA. They hooked me up with a great job interview with a great company in two days. That’s more than what any agency has done for me in four years. Thank you, Hire Heroes USA.” – Matthew L. Davis, U.S. Air Force



“I feel that I have a second chance as a civilian now to prove my worth to my country through my new found job. Thanks to Hire Heroes USA, I have been granted a wonderful  opportunity to demonstrate the skills that I have always had, thanks to the U.S. Armed Forces.” – Lolita Manghram, U.S. Air Force




Hire Heroes USA Workshop Participant Testimonials:  



“Thank you so much for all the help. This class was a big eye-opener and provided a wealth of information. I am not one of those students who just makes ‘yes, it was great” to everything on a critique sheet, so please be aware that my appreciation is 100% sincere! Thanks again!” – Nick S.



“Please tell all in your organization how happy I am that I attended your workshop, and for the production of an impressive resume.  I really do appreciate what you do and are doing for others.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to further your mission.”- Glenn S.



“The learning environment made it easy to listen and retain the information, A+.”



“The class was very good and it covered and pinpointed the important details. The hands-on workshops were very helpful, such as the interview and the resume workshop that we participated in. The teachers were all willing to help and get their hands dirty. Great job and thank you.”



“I liked the training, especially the resume class and how we were taught to make our resume stand out. I also enjoyed the interview class and that we were taught about maintaining good posture and to sell ourselves to the interviewer. I also like how helpful the Hire Heroes USA staff was with polishing up our lingo skills for interviews in the corporate world.” – Carlton J.



“I liked that there were at least two instructors to every 3-4 participants, and how the instructors actually sat down with us and helped put our accomplishments in civilian terms. They also gave us a thumb drive with all of the classes and documents we used during class so we would be able to continue going through the classes and learn more on our own.” – Mendez



“I liked everything about the class. All the staff members were very helpful and had a lot of knowledge and professional guidance to offer. The staff made me feel comfortable and was patient with me. No other program compares to this because this is truly what most of us care about the most as we transition. Keep up the great work.”



“This class was extremely helpful. I never knew I was qualified for any job before these two days. The teachers were dedicated, involved, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The interview practice helped me get the jitters out now, before I actually have to go out there  and interview. This class was a great resource and offered good contacts for future resume help. There was also good information regarding online resources, such as LinkedIn.” – Jessica L.