Hired Veteran Nikos Chelioudakis

Hired as an Independent Day Trader in Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States Army Reservist E-5, Human Resources

With experience as a Human Resources professional in the United States Army in addition to having owned and operated my own construction business, I came to Hire Heroes USA seeking a position in management or human resources. I am currently an Army Reservist living in Florida, and finding a job that would accommodate my Reserve service schedule was more difficult than I thought.

When I registered for services with Hire Heroes USA, I was contacted by a Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) who helped revise my resume. My original resume was barely a job history, but my VTS was able to really dig into my background and pull out the skills and experience I needed to showcase. My VTS was tremendous. After talking him about what I was looking for, he suggested I look into career opportunities with E*Trade Financial Corporation.

In January 2015, I was offered a position as an Independent Day Trader with E*Trade and accepted. My VTS and I still communicate other often. He continues to provide advice and share his knowledge and expertise, even though I successfully found employment. His guidance has made a significant impact on my quality of life and he is a true leader in every sense of the word. Since working with Hire Heroes USA to secure employment, I’m beyond comfortable in my position and very satisfied with the services I received.

Hired Veteran Thomas Sivak

Hired as a Physical Security Specialist
United States Army E-9, Military Police

Thomas SivakI had several challenges when I transitioned from 30 years of Army service; the first was building my resume.  The Army’s Transition Assistance Program showed me how to draft a resume, but did not have the time or manpower help me improve my draft.  While I consider myself a very competent writer, my draft resume was nowhere near the executive level of the resume that Hire Heroes USA helped prepare for me.

Hire Heroes USA was instrumental in assisting me find employment.  My Veteran Transition Specialist showed me how best to manage online job searches, and found suitable leads to get me started.  Even though I did not secure the first couple of employment leads provided, going through the process was invaluable. I was also able to prepare for upcoming interviews with a Hire Heroes USA volunteer mock interviewer. Working with this organization boosted my confidence at every level.

My Hire Heroes USA Veteran Transition Specialist acted as a mentor, confidant and employment professional that was absolutely dedicated to assisting me throughout this process.  I owe him more than he could ever imagine.  His efforts, advice and general conversation regarding employment provided sound perspective that I could trust and relate to, and it steered me on the correct course, ultimately helping me secure very good employment.