Volunteer Spotlight: Albert

The last place Albert expected to get the calling to volunteer was while he was watching a football game with friends. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

albertDuring a TV timeout in a Naval Academy football game, he saw a commercial for Hire Heroes USA that sparked his interest. Our mission drew him in, because he knew first-hand the struggles of transitioning out of the military. He did it himself in 2014. Albert hopes his perspective and experience can be useful for other military men and women.  

I volunteer with Hire Heroes USA because I truly believe in the importance of its mission to empower U.S. military members, veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. As a fellow veteran, I hope that my experience can prove useful during their transition and, now as an employer of veterans, I know the value they bring to the civilian sector.”

Albert has had some great conversations with veterans. In each exchange, he says, there is a moment when he feels his advice is helping to build their confidence. They know they are finding support and will find the career they are looking for.

“Volunteering with Hire Heroes USA is more than just giving advice, it is supporting the veterans and creating connections with them during that hard transition period of their life. I think that this is an amazing program with benefits that serve many people and organizations. I am proud to call myself a volunteer.”

Q: What would you tell someone about Hire Heroes USA who has never heard of us?

“Anyone who is out there looking for a way to support and volunteer, Hire Heroes USA is one of those programs where anyone can participate. Everyone wants to give back but Hire Heroes USA allows you to give your time and mentor someone, who is appreciative. The results are just so rewarding”.

Four-star General Headlines Hire Heroes USA’s 5th Annual New York City Benefit

Stanley McChrystal to speak at exclusive fundraising event September 27th in Manhattan

Hire Heroes USA, the preeminent nonprofit organization providing employment services to transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses, welcomes U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal to its 5th Annual New York City Benefit, an exclusive evening that, to date, has raised nearly $1.4 million in support of the national nonprofit’s free programs and services.

McChrystal is the former commander of U.S. and International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) Afghanistan, and the former commander of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), a sub-unified command of the U.S. Special Operations Command. The four-star general’s leadership of JSOC is credited with the 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein. The general, a former Green Beret, is also the best-selling author of two books on leadership: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, and My Share of the Task: A Memoir.

“We are honored to have Gen. McChrystal join us for the New York City Benefit,” said Christopher Plamp, chief executive officer of the nonprofit and a decorated Air Force combat pilot. “As this event has grown in impact over the past five years, so has Hire Heroes USA. Each year we have outperformed the year prior in our mission to help the military men and women who have served. It is fitting that our keynote speaker is a man of excellence in service.”

Now in its 11th year, Hire Heroes USA is fast approaching 30,000 lifetime hires and is forecasted to reach that milestone before the end of the year. As the leading veteran service organization specifically targeting the issues of unemployment and underemployment among veterans, Hire Heroes USA continues to evolve, along with the suite of services it provides. These include resume, networking and interview assistance, federal employment guidance, online workshops and training modules, job matching, virtual career fairs and a job board that features thousands of job listings each month.

Hire Heroes USA’s 5th Annual New York City Benefit takes place this Thursday, September 27, 2018, at Apella Event Space at Alexandria Center. Cocktail hour begins at 6:30 pm EDT, with dinner served at 7:30 pm and the keynote address beginning at 8 pm. More information and tickets for this exclusive evening are available on our homepage – hireheroesusa.org – and directly at this link.

About Hire Heroes USA: 
Hire Heroes USA provides free employment services to thousands of transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses annually. Headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, with additional branch offices around the country, Hire Heroes USA has earned Charity Navigator’s highest possible 4-star rating for a third consecutive year and it also has a GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency. Funding for the nonprofit’s services is exclusively through private grants and public donations. For more information about our mission, services and how to get involved as a corporate partner, employment partner, donor or volunteer, visit hireheroesusa.org and follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

A digital copy of this press release is also available online

Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Sanford Health

Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Sanford Health

It is obvious that Sanford Health recognizes the sacrifice that veterans and their family members have made, therefore Sanford goes above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment and appreciation to those that served. 2017 marked a big year for Sanford Health as they formalized their “Sanford Health Department of Veterans and Military Services.” Since the establishment of this department, their veteran initiatives have continued to pave the way for other employers and service providers alike.

In the summer of 2017, Sanford Health demonstrated its commitment to service members by participating in the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) program. Sanford’s CEO and president Kelby Krabbenhoft, signed a statement pledging to support the military services of employees and advocate for employee participation in the military. In the summer of 2018, Sanford took it a step further by implementing a differential pay policy for service members employed with Sanford who are mobilized or deployed.

Sanford Department of Veterans and Military Services continues to demonstrate the organization’s commitment with the implementation of the following programs:

  • Veterans Club: The clubs are part of the organization’s efforts to streamline and add resources for veterans, military personnel, and their families. The clubs provide a private place to rest and relax or chat with other veterans at its medical centers in Fargo, ND and Sioux Falls, SD and are equipped with coffee and water, guest computer access, and a lounge area with a game table and TV.
  • Featured Veterans: Sanford recognizes and appreciates those staff members that have sacrificed to serve their country and recognize their military contributions of staff members across their ranks.
  • Recognition of Veteran Employees: Employees that have served have the option to display their veteran status on their identification badge.
  • Scholarship Assistance: The Sanford Health Military and Veteran Scholarship will honor a veteran, guard/reserve or active-duty military service member and full-time student pursuing a bachelor’s, graduate or professional degree and who possesses exceptional character and leadership in service, academics, and community involvement by offering a $5,000 scholarship.
  • Veteran Hiring Initiatives: Job-seeking veterans can visit Sanford Health’s veterans job site, which matches military jobs with open positions.
  • Veteran Information Hotline: The Sanford Veteran Information Hotline provides veterans with a single point of contact for questions and is available by calling 1-800-949-1848. The hotline can be used to answer a variety of questions on such topics from employment opportunities available with Sanford to care or support needs offered through Sanford Health to Veterans.

The effort that Sanford Health has put forward has not gone unrecognized. They were recognized as a semi-finalist for the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award and the Pro Patria Award. The Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award is the highest recognition given by the U.S. Government to employers for their outstanding support of employee’s service in the Guard and Reserve. The ESGR’s Pro Patria Award is presented annually by each ESGR State Committee to one small, one large and one public sector employer in their state or territory. Recipients have demonstrated the greatest support to Guard and Reserve employees through their leadership and practices, including adopting personnel policies that make it easier for employees to participate in the National Guard and Reserves. This is the highest-level award that may be bestowed by an ESGR State Committee.

Sanford Health is committed not only to providing military members and veterans with exceptional care, but they provide them with the employment opportunities they deserve to support their families. They recognize the value veterans bring to their organization and have actively engaged with Hire Heroes USA to recruit military. In the past year, Sanford health has taken a holistic approach to recruit military members and veterans by participating in all of Hire Heroes USA’s recruitment platforms such as posting to Hire Heroes USA Job Board, Sponsoring of Virtual Workshops (August 15th and October 22nd), and recruiting from Hire Heroes USA’s Virtual Career Fair scheduled for November 1st, 2018. If you’re interested in learning more about this great employer, check out Sanford’s Veteran Website!

Volunteer Spotlight: Erica

Landscape Photo - Erica

Volunteer Spotlight: Erica 

Imagine you have just lost your job and have no idea what you want to do next. Then, you meet someone with industry experience who offers to help guide you through the process of figuring out your next move.

That’s where Erica comes in. As a Hire Heroes USA volunteer, she helps military members, veterans and military spouses define their goals and create a plan to reach them. 

“I choose to volunteer with Hire Heroes USA because I want to share my recruiting knowledge in IT, the Department of Defense and healthcare with veterans and spouses.”

As an Army spouse, Erica knows the struggles that come with a frequent change of duty stations, like changing homes and jobs and having to make new friends at each location. She has also been through the stress of assisting her husband with his transition from the military – helping him sort through the overwhelming amount of information he received. That is why Erica wants to help the transition process go smoothly for others.

“I hope that my conversations with veterans and spouses – looking to further or begin their careers – give them confidence and a bit of knowledge about the outside world. Even though it’s a stressful time, I always remind every Hire Heroes USA client I speak with that people have come before us; they’ve gone to war, changed careers, made moves, and been through outrageous life stress, and still come out victorious!”

Q: What would you tell someone about Hire Heroes USA who has never heard of us?

“Hire Heroes USA is such an amazing organization – with dedicated employees and volunteers and a mission that means a lot to me personally – and (it) will continue to impact a lot of people, who have spent some of their lives in service and then come upon a change and an opportunity to find another passion and career.”