100 Holes for our Heroes

13th Annual 100 Holes for Our Heroes Fundraiser

MILWAUKEE (June 26, 2020) – On July 4, 2020, golf enthusiast Carl Meyer will spend his Independence Day raising tens of thousands of dollars to benefit military families while he plays more than 100 holes of golf. In fact, he will be playing 113 holes to mark the 13th year of fundraising for Hire Heroes USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment.

Meyer will tee off around 5 a.m. on July 4th at the Chenequa Country Club in Chenequa, Wis. and will golf all 113 holes (weather permitting). As of Friday, Carl has received pledges for more than $70,000 for this year’s event and is hoping to raise at least $100,000. Viewers or readers can support his cause here.

Since he started this tradition in 2007, Meyer has raised a total of more than $900,000 and counting. Those efforts have empowered at least 500 veterans and military spouses to find meaningful employment.

“As our clients navigate a challenging economic environment, Carl’s support is more important than ever,” said Hire Heroes USA CEO Ross Dickman. “Military members are still leaving the service during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Carl’s passion and support help to ensure they can find fulfilling and purposeful work after their time in uniform. We are extremely proud and humbled by his dedication and commitment.”

The funds that Meyer brings in will be used to provide various employment services at no cost to eligible clients, including:

Virtual Career Coaching: Clients receive one-on-one assistance from individually assigned Transition Specialists to create a professionally-revised resume, teach effective job search techniques, and help a client understand their transferable skills.

Volunteer Mentoring: More than 650 volunteers support Hire Heroes USA clients with industry-specific mentoring, mock interviews, and networking opportunities.

Access to the Hire Heroes USA Job Board and training resources.

In 2019, Hire Heroes USA assisted 10,000 veterans and military spouses’ land employment, an exciting milestone helped along by Meyer’s efforts.

To donate to 100 Holes for Our Heroes, visit the event website.

Volunteer Spotlight: Elfreda

Volunteer Spotlight: Elfreda

Looking for civilian employment can be stressful. For the veterans and military spouses we serve, the weight of leaving military life behind can be overwhelming. As you try to find where you ‘fit’ after you hang up your uniform, it can be difficult to know where to turn next.

“The most rewarding part of being a volunteer is knowing that the person of the other end of the line has some peace and calmness after the conversation.”

Elfreda gets it. She understands the anxiety because she’s been there: after serving in the Air Force for 23 years, Elfreda made the transition to civilian life herself last year. 

Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Elfreda Williams

“I was a client of Hire Heroes and I was very impressed by the knowledge and the sincerity of the volunteers, and I knew that this was an organization I wanted to be a part,” Elfreda explained. And sharing her own experience candidly makes her an incredible support for fellow veterans facing the same uncertainty: “Clients want to hear how you made it through your transition and so I share what I went through after I retired,” she said. 

Retiring from the military means losing more than a job. Our veteran clients leave behind a sense of identity and the camaraderie of the armed forces. One of the most important things volunteers like Elfreda do is remind our clients that they aren’t alone in this next chapter. “I enjoy assisting veterans and providing them with a sense of calmness while letting them know that everything will be okay,” Elfreda shares. Every time she gets on the phone with a Hire Heroes client, she strives to leave them with a sense of peace and a renewed drive to not give up – she believes success is out there for each and every client. 

“As long as we have Veterans in need, I will stay involved in this organization.”

You can make a difference for military spouses and veterans, too. Become a Hire Heroes USA volunteer.

Employers: Our Next Virtual Career Fair is August 29

Employers: Our Next Virtual Career Fair is August 29

Hire Heroes USA is conducting our second Virtual Career Fair on Tuesday, August 29 from 10am until 3pm Eastern Daylight Time. This is a great way to recruit transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses for your open positions. More than 700 job-seekers registered for our last Virtual Career Fair from all over the country. Get Registered today to tap into this great resource of veteran and military spouse talent.

Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Schneider

Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Schneider

By The Schneider Guy

Schneider is one of the nation’s largest and most decorated employers of current and former military personnel.

Currently, 22 percent of our truck drivers have military experience. This isn’t by chance, though. We have a variety of programs, benefits and jobs for military personnel, to recognize their service.

“I was very surprised at how many veterans and military members are running with Schneider. I talk to them over the road all the time and everybody has markings on their trucks. It’s just wonderful to see that many people.” – Andy Hopfensperger, Veteran and Schneider driver

Schneider is also leader in the transportation industry – offering a huge variety of driving options that include dozens of freight types and driving style configurations to fit any lifestyle.

Why Schneider? 

At Schneider, we hire veterans for the right reasons – because of their training and their core values in the armed forces that match our own.

We know the transition from military to civilian life can be stressful. At Schneider, we’ll help you find a truck driving job that works well for you so you start having success right away.

“It’s great that companies like Schneider are willing to invest in their veterans and that they want to see them become successful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.” – Barry Campbell, Veteran and Schneider driver 

Credit for Military Experience Program

One of our most renowned programs is our Credit for Military Experience Program. We’ll reward your commitment to serving in the military with a higher starting pay.

How it works:

If you drove a truck during your service, 100 percent of your time will be translated as Schneider experience. Example: If you drove a truck for eight years in the military, that counts as eight years of experience at Schneider.

If you served in the military in a non-transportation capacity, 25 percent of your time will be translated a Schneider experience. Example: If you served in a non-transportation capacity for eight years in the military, that counts as two years of experience at Schneider.

This means more money in your pocket from the start. 

More Schneider military programs and benefits

During your first year of driving for Schneider, you are eligible to earn a monthly educational benefit check from the VA in addition to your Schneider paycheck. You can earn up to $1,266 per month, depending on your years of service.

We promise to get you home for weekend drill and annual training – without requiring you to use paid time off.

If you are deployed, we offer extended benefits and differential pay for up to 18 months.

“Schneider constantly goes above and beyond with their military program, safety training and rewards. It isn’t just something they say; they follow through with everything. The whole transition from the military to the civilian world has been smooth because they’ve given us so much information from the beginning.” – Patrice Cook, Veteran and Schneider driver

It takes just minutes to pre-qualify.

Fill out our Military Pre-Qualification Profile and a military recruiter will reach out to you to talk about job opportunities at Schneider and military benefits. To Pre-qualify

Top Jobs and Training Partners- June 2020

Top Jobs & Training Programs for June 2020

Every month, Hire Heroes USA selects several job openings from our job board to highlight. These job openings are posted by partnered employers who are looking to hire veteran and military spouse talent. To view the list of top jobs, our featured employer this month, Travelers, and a few training program partners of Hire Heroes USA, please click the link below.

Top Jobs & Training Programs – June 2020