Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott Makes Record-Breaking $11 Million Donation to Veterans Nonprofit Hire Heroes USA

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott Makes Record-Breaking $11 Million Donation to Veterans Nonprofit Hire Heroes USA

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – On Wednesday, veterans nonprofit Hire Heroes USA received the largest gift in the organization’s 17-year history. Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott donated $11 million to Hire Heroes USA to support our mission to empower service members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. This generous gift will allow us to address immediate demand for services, strengthen programs that support systemically disadvantaged populations and will position us for long-term growth and impact. 

“We are so grateful to Ms. Scott,” said Hire Heroes USA CEO Andrew Sandoe. “Every year, more than 200,000 military service members leave the armed forces and enter the civilian workforce. Once there, they often struggle with unemployment and underemployment. Those from underserved populations bear the brunt of this inequity. Veterans and their families have sacrificed so much to protect us and protect our way of life. Hire Heroes USA will be here to help them find their job when they transition home.”

Hire Heroes USA currently provides free career services to tens of thousands of transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses annually, and this transformative donation will allow us to add capacity in order to meet the immediate need. With this gift, we will continue our commitment to high-quality, personalized services at a greater scale, ensuring even more veterans and military spouses secure meaningful careers.

“The clients we serve are each at different phases of their careers, and we are committed to providing each with individualized services to help them succeed in the civilian job market,” Sandoe said.

In 2021, Hire Heroes USA helped 12,594 veterans and military spouses secure meaningful employment. With average starting salaries of $62,680, our organization played an active role in ensuring prosperity for thousands of military families. With offices in Alpharetta, Ga., Colorado Springs, Colo., Raleigh, N.C. and San Diego, Hire Heroes USA offers employment services to any U.S. service member, veteran or military spouse worldwide. 

To learn more about Hire Heroes USA, visit

Volunteer Spotlight: DeAndrea

Volunteer Spotlight: DeAndrea

For many military veterans, leaving active duty service and transitioning into the civilian workforce is unlike any other career experience they’ve encountered. There are not only changes in the day-to-day job responsibilities, but also the culture, colleague interactions and work-life balance. Finding a mentor who has been down that road before adds a special connection for many Hire Heroes USA clients, which is exactly why volunteer DeAndrea Dorsey is so passionate about the work she does.

“I put myself in their shoes always by first letting them understand that I have been on the same journey. [I’m also] open to sharing with them where I started and where I’m at now,” said DeAndrea, an Air Force veteran who transitioned in 2012.

In early 2020, DeAndrea was exploring ways that she could give back to fellow service members and ran into a social media post that referenced Hire Heroes USA. “This was the first time I had heard of [Hire Heroes USA], so I went onto the site, read about the organization, and I decided that this was the organization for me. The rest is history.”

Since starting as a volunteer more than two years ago, DeAndrea has committed over 27 hours to working with service members, veterans and military spouses. Of her most memorable client conversations, she recalls a military spouse who was ready to pivot into the tech industry.

“It was such a wonderful interaction where I felt that her career journey mirrored mine 100%,” explained DeAndrea. “We were able to truly focus and hone in on her skills showcasing that she was well beyond prepared to enter tech. After our session, she sent me an email the next day thanking me for taking the time to assist her and informing me that my advice prepared her to apply for a new role.”

DeAndrea has been a champion of the military community for many years and offers advice to other civilians and employers to better understand the breadth of experience veterans and military spouses can bring to the workplace.

“I encourage others by ensuring that they understand the military community consists of a diverse group of individuals who all come from a heritage enriched with values that can be transformative to any organization,” she said.

In the years to come, DeAndrea plans to continue building these relationships and paying it forward to those families who have served. “This has been such an amazing experience and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to assist my fellow members of the military community.”

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.

Alumni Spotlight: Martin

Alumni Profile: Martin

Each quarter, we highlight a different member of our alumni community. When you’re a Hire Heroes USA alumnus, we celebrate your victories and help you find long-term success in your civilian career. This quarter, meet Martin.

Photo of Martin and his family.

Military Experience: Martin joined the Marine Corps after high school, where he worked in communications maintenance for more than five years in Yuma, Ariz.

Professional Background: After leaving the military, Martin began his journey into higher education, attending the University of North Carolina-Wilmington for his Bachelor’s degree and continuing on to Appalachian State University for a Master’s of Science degree. Martin worked as a Fitness Trainer for nearly 10 years and then pursued his MBA at Liberty University. Martin has experience working across a range of industries but eventually found his calling in education as an adjunct instructor. Martin currently resides in Boone, N.C. with his wife and three children.

Professional Goals:  In the coming years, Martin has aspirations to finish his Doctorate in Business Administration, Strategic Management from Liberty University. Upon completion, he hopes to branch out and teach at new universities where he can continue to help students achieve their own goals and inspire life-long learning.

Current Position: College Instructor

Experience with Hire Heroes USA: Martin worked closely with his Transition Specialist to develop his first resume, learning how to add transferrable skills and experiences from his military career. Additionally, he participated in multiple mock interviews and pursued job matching opportunities which helped to build his confidence and better understand how his skills fit into the civilian job market.

Alumni Involvement: His passion lies in helping both students and veterans who are exploring their career options find their purpose. He enjoys connecting with others through his personal and professional network.

Most Important Career Advice: Keep an open mind and be flexible in your career planning and don’t have your expectations set in stone. Research to find out what is out there and the best fit for you and your own professional goals. Also, utilize the Hire Heroes USA Alumni Program to learn from other professionals and network!

If you’re a Hire Heroes Alumnus and you’d like to learn more about additional services, volunteer opportunities or if you’d like to share your story, visit the Alumni page and email Matt Kohler to get started:

Boeing Grant Benefits Veterans and Military Spouses Living in Washington State

Boeing Grant Benefits Veterans and Military Spouses Living in Washington State

Hire Heroes USA is delighted to announce that Boeing has increased its commitment to empowering veterans and military spouses in 2022.

As part of a year-long grant agreement, Boeing has graciously awarded $100,000 to Hire Heroes USA to provide much-needed career services to the clients we serve living in Washington from the Puget Sound region to the Idaho border. This agreement represents a $15,000 increase over our 2021 grant, which achieved and exceeded its benchmark goals.

At least 430,000 potential Hire Heroes USA clients reside in the Evergreen State, with approximately 80,000 living in the Seattle region, near several of Boeing’s Puget Sound facilities. 

This grant will provide free access to resume revisions, LinkedIn reviews, mock interviews and networking tips that will lead to gainful employment for at least 100 veterans or military spouses in those communities.

Additionally, those careers offer more than a job: they can provide financial stability, health benefits, housing and peace of mind to those who are hired. This grant will make a significant impact to military families and the military and veteran community in the Pacific Northwest region. Hire Heroes USA could not be more proud to be the recipient of this generous grant and an ongoing Boeing partner.

Transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses who are interested in receiving free career services can sign up here.

Networking in a Virtual World

Networking in a Virtual World

Kelsey Wolf-Wallace
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“I don’t know how to network.” 

As a career coach, I hear that at least twice per week. If this is a phrase you’ve said or thought before, you’re not alone. Many service members and veterans struggle with the networking aspect of the job search. As the Program Manager for Hire Heroes USA’s Junior Enlisted Program, our team works with thousands of E1 to E4 service members and veterans annually who are still learning the power of networking.

At Hire Heroes USA, our mission is to empower our clients with the tools they need to have a successful job search, and with that, here are some tips to help you find success in the world of virtual networking!

1. Understand What Networking is

Consider this definition from Hire Heroes USA’s Networking Success Guide. “Networking is the exchange of ideas and information among individuals, groups or organizations for the purpose of building a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. Simply put, networking is a conversation in which you develop an understanding of each other’s needs and how you can support each other.”

Networking can involve many actions from reaching out to someone on LinkedIn to learn about their company to engaging with someone in a virtual chatroom. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn from whoever you’re speaking with – people love to talk about themselves, so let them!

2. Join a LinkedIn Networking Group is an essential networking platform, but it’s not like Facebook or Instagram. According to a recent Forbes article, 95% of recruiters and hiring managers utilize this platform to find qualified applicants and vet those they bring in for interviews.

You can join groups to engage in conversation with others who are interested in similar career paths. According to LinkedIn, “LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections.” Hire Heroes USA clients have access to videos such as this one to help build out and improve your profile. Once you’ve set up a stellar LinkedIn profile, start joining relevant LinkedIn groups.

For Junior Enlisted service members, a good starting place is our Hire Heroes USA Junior Enlisted LinkedIn Group. This group is a networking and professional development forum for all transitioning service members and veterans between the ranks of E1 and E4 in addition to hiring managers, recruiters and other advocates of the military community.

3. Utilize LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn offers veterans and military spouses a free one year subscription to LinkedIn Premium. By registering, veterans and military spouses can unlock several features, including the use of the InMail function to reach out to hiring managers which can improve your chances of getting in touch with someone at your companies of interest. Premium users also have access to over 15,000 expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses to sharpen your skills and competitive edge as a job seeker.

4. Attend AND Maximize Virtual Events

In the pre-pandemic days, you would prepare for a career fair by dressing in your best business clothes and heading to an event venue to shake hands with future employers. In 2022, that might seem more uncommon. You are likely preparing by getting your laptop set up and double checking your internet connection. With the rise in virtual events, you must switch up your approach to networking. Instead of bringing your business card, you should be sharing your LinkedIn profile. Here are a few tips to help guide your next virtual event or meeting:

  • Utilize the chat function to introduce yourself. Share a quick blurb about your background and your LinkedIn URL.

  • Once others start sharing their information, send them meaningful connection requests on LinkedIn. From there, you can shoot them a message to tell them you attended the XYZ event as well and would love to stay in touch in the future.

5. Schedule Virtual “Walks”

Virtual “Walks” – what are those? I recently had a veteran client  tell me he’s been working on building his network on LinkedIn by setting up three calls weekly with different LinkedIn connections, lining up the calls with his daily walk. He uses this conversational setting to ask them about where they work, what they do, advice they have about navigating the job search and so on. Challenge yourself to grow your network by doing the same (and bonus: you could get in a few extra steps along the way.) 

Networking can seem both ambiguous and overwhelming, but once you start putting these tips into practice, it can open many doors! You don’t have to do it all at once to see results. If you’re ready to start working on networking and LinkedIn, you can reach out to your Transition Specialist for support. You can also visit your MyTrak account to access the Video Resource Library containing a number of videos focused on effective job searching. Don’t forget to register for a Hire Heroes USA virtual event to start applying your new networking skills! 

Looking for networking opportunities in Idaho? 

Mission 43, partnered with Hire Heroes USA, has a variety of networking and in-person event opportunities for Idaho veterans, transitioning military personnel and spouses. Mission43,  established in 2016, was built on three pillars: Employment, Education and Engagement, to assist transitioning military personnel and spouses back into civilian life after service. Mission43 is the only one of its kind in the country. 

Whether you are job searching, changing careers, pursuing certifications or just looking for ways to network with like-minded professionals, get connected and check out the events calendar at Mission43. March upcoming events: Hiking Series, Entrepreneur course, Project Management Professional certification prep, North Idaho Coffee Hour, and Happy Hour. 

Kelsey Wolf-Wallace is the Program Manager for Hire Heroes USA’s Junior Enlisted Program. If you’re interested in receiving free career support with Hire Heroes USA, click here to learn more.

Three Ways GovCIO Builds a Remote-Friendly Work Environment

Three Ways GovCIO Builds a Remote-Friendly Work Environment

Hire Heroes USA works with a number of our employment partners that prioritize hiring our clients and providing a flexible, positive working environment for their employees. One of those companies is GovCIO, which is committed to making remote work easier and more enjoyable for its employees. Read below to learn how GocCIO is taking steps to improve its remote work environment. 

Note: This post is sponsored content provided to Hire Heroes USA by our employment partner, GovCIO.

If you’re on the job hunt, the likelihood of finding a post-pandemic remote opportunity is high. But, offering employees the ability to work remotely and actually being “remote-friendly” are two very different things. Whether a full-time remote, hybrid, or temporarily remote opportunity, distributed teams require a remote-friendly work environment that mimics the inherent need for connection while supporting efficiency and high-performance levels.

GovCIO has invested significant time and resources in building a truly “remote-friendly” work environment. Here are three best practices that have contributed to our success and led to our being listed as one of Forbes’ “Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs”.

We’re genuinely flexible. 

We were a remote company before it was cool. Which means, after 12 years of practice, we’ve ironed out company-wide kinks and have the framework in place to operate independently. A solid framework allows for employee flexibility. While there are meetings to attend and a typical day is 9 to 5, the where is entirely up to you.

We invest in technology.

No one should have to worry about having the resources to do their job. Hardware, software, and virtual meeting applications, as well as other accommodations (such as a second monitor) aren’t benefits, they’re necessities. Company-provided laptops and project management or collaboration applications are only the beginning. And it’s not enough to simply have a laptop, what happens when an issue arises? We turn that around quickly, too. We’re about productivity, not extended downtime, and most often, teams don’t want the interruption. In-house IT support keeps the trains running on time. 

We build relationships with co-workers.

Much like our relationships with friends and family, we form bonds and relationships with co-workers. This type of bonding is important because it encourages workplace loyalty—and we all know how important that is when trying to find motivation on a day-to-day basis. So, we make time for regular conversation. From “fun facts” at the end of a meeting, to threads just for pictures of our pets, it’s important to have a space to learn more about team members on a personal level. The willingness to help or ask for help becomes natural. And experiencing joy at work or feeling comfortable to be yourself promotes psychological safety. 

The modern workforce is changing. More and more employees are working remotely and companies across all industries are catching onto the time and cost-savings. But it takes intention and patience to effectively maintain a remote workforce. GovCIO looks for ways to make “work” a better place each day. So, how do you create an effective remote-friendly workplace?

Top Jobs & Training Programs for March 2022

Top Jobs & Training Programs for March 2022

Every month, Hire Heroes USA selects several job openings from our job board to highlight. These job openings are posted by partnered employers who are looking to hire veteran and military spouse talent.

View jobs from our featured employer this month, Advanced Technology Services, Inc. Also, be sure to check out several of our training partners by downloading the document below.

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