100 Holes for our Heroes

13th Annual 100 Holes for Our Heroes Fundraiser

MILWAUKEE (June 26, 2020) – On July 4, 2020, golf enthusiast Carl Meyer will spend his Independence Day raising tens of thousands of dollars to benefit military families while he plays more than 100 holes of golf. In fact, he will be playing 113 holes to mark the 13th year of fundraising for Hire Heroes USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment.

Meyer will tee off around 5 a.m. on July 4th at the Chenequa Country Club in Chenequa, Wis. and will golf all 113 holes (weather permitting). As of Friday, Carl has received pledges for more than $70,000 for this year’s event and is hoping to raise at least $100,000. Viewers or readers can support his cause here.

Since he started this tradition in 2007, Meyer has raised a total of more than $900,000 and counting. Those efforts have empowered at least 500 veterans and military spouses to find meaningful employment.

“As our clients navigate a challenging economic environment, Carl’s support is more important than ever,” said Hire Heroes USA CEO Ross Dickman. “Military members are still leaving the service during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Carl’s passion and support help to ensure they can find fulfilling and purposeful work after their time in uniform. We are extremely proud and humbled by his dedication and commitment.”

The funds that Meyer brings in will be used to provide various employment services at no cost to eligible clients, including:

Virtual Career Coaching: Clients receive one-on-one assistance from individually assigned Transition Specialists to create a professionally-revised resume, teach effective job search techniques, and help a client understand their transferable skills.

Volunteer Mentoring: More than 650 volunteers support Hire Heroes USA clients with industry-specific mentoring, mock interviews, and networking opportunities.

Access to the Hire Heroes USA Job Board and training resources.

In 2019, Hire Heroes USA assisted 10,000 veterans and military spouses’ land employment, an exciting milestone helped along by Meyer’s efforts.

To donate to 100 Holes for Our Heroes, visit the event website.

We’re Here For You

We’re Here For You

At Hire Heroes USA, our top concern is equipping veterans and military spouses with the tools you need to find civilian success. We understand a solid job is the foundation of a stable future. As the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop in reach and impact, we are learning with you about the public health and economic ramifications of this pandemic. In the midst of the rapidly developing situation, we recognize the need to take extra steps to protect communities across the United States. We are taking active measures to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, while keeping you, our clients, at the center of our mission. 

In times of uncertainty, we are still here to serve you. 

As always, our team is here to help via phone and email. We will continue to offer virtual workshops and webinars to equip you for success in your job search. We understand your schedule is in flux these days. All registrants will receive a recording of the discussion afterward, so be sure to register even if you can’t watch a session live.

Here are some of the events we have coming up. You can visit our career events page to see more: 

Webinar: Interviewing as a Military Spouse 

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Are you a military spouse struggling with interviewing? Do you wonder how to best answer questions about your work experience? How do you explain gaps in employment? Join us for a panel discussion with a group of volunteers who can speak to interviewing best practices as a spouse of an active duty service member. We will be covering all the interviewing basics and be ready to answer any questions you may have.  

Virtual Federal Career Transition Workshop

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Through an interactive learning platform, we offer federal employment workshops to prepare transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses for their federal job search. Attendees receive federal resume guidance, application tips and job search strategies from a live facilitator. In this session, we’re diving deeper into resume writing and vacancy announcement analysis. We’ll focus on the common pitfalls federal job seekers encounter and how to develop a strategy for success. We’ve gathered frequently asked questions so we can work through them together. You’ll have a chance to submit your own questions too.

Virtual Career Transition Workshop

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

To jump start your job search, join our employment workshop to cover all the basics. Attendees receive resume writing guidance, learn how to leverage their personal networks to achieve employment goals and practice effective, proven interview techniques with a live facilitator. This virtual workshop will also prepare you to navigate a virtual career fair in advance of our next one in May.

Wherever you’d like to go in your career, consider Hire Heroes USA a lifelong resource for your success. As a member of the Hire Heroes Community, you have access to a variety of professional development resources, including personalized career support and our network of volunteers. From aerospace to marketing, we have over 800 professionals eager to share their experience to help you move forward. Contact your Transition Specialist to make a career counseling or mock interview request today. 

You know building a successful future requires hard work and determination. You have made sacrifices to get where you are today. We want you to know we are on your team, ready to help you meet your professional goals.  

We are committed to your success. Today, we wish you and your loved ones wellness and positivity. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Kristin

Volunteer Spotlight: Kristin

Hire Heroes volunteer, Kristin

Kristin Henry said her decision to volunteer with Hire Heroes USA began with a Google search. However, her desire to give back to military families ran deeper.

The daughter of an Army veteran, Kristin felt an intrinsic motivation to devote her time and expertise as an educator to the men and women who have served our country. In fact, the first veteran she helped didn’t sign up for services with Hire Heroes USA. Kristin’s neighbor and friend served in the military and asked if she could tutor him in English as he prepared to go back to school. That fulfilling experience led her to the Google search that connected her to Hire Heroes USA, where she continues to make a difference.

“Every interaction I have with a client is such a rewarding experience,” Kristin said. “I love giving back to those who sacrificed so much for our country and are in need of guidance as they prepare to enter the civilian workforce. “

Kristin is an outstanding Hire Heroes volunteer, having spent more than 41 hours helping veterans and military spouses prepare for their careers. Kristin also goes above and beyond, forging meaningful connections with Hire Heroes clients and staying in touch following their initial conversations.

“The best part about volunteering is when I clients I’ve helped share updates with me – I absolutely love keeping up with their success stories! At Hire Heroes, I always feel like I make a difference,” Kristin shared.

Kristin, thank you for your devotion and commitment to Hire Heroes USA clients.

Like Kristin, you can make a difference too. Become a Hire Heroes USA volunteer today!

Getting Hired: Overcoming Career Paralysis

Getting Hired: Overcoming Career Paralysis

Career paralysis is something I often see as a manager at Hire Heroes USA. According to Sarah Vermunt, CEO and founder of Careergasm, career paralysis is, “the inability to make any career decision for the fear of making the wrong career decision.” Service members sometimes find a job they are perfectly qualified for and decide NOT to apply because they do not meet one qualification out of 10 or even 20. When this happens, they talk themselves out of the first step of a career.

When a service member is ready to transition out of the military, their potential is limitless. They gained advanced leadership skills, industry-specific expertise, education, discipline, grit, and a global perspective. Many veterans also have incredible soft skills that are assets in the civilian workforce. Service members are talented, resilient, and they get the job done. Why then do so many servicemen and women suffer from career paralysis? How do service members conquer their fear of the unknown? Let’s sort it out together.

The Checklist Downfall

When veterans search for jobs, there can be some confusion about the structure of job descriptions. Job listings generally have two parts: minimum qualifications and desired qualifications. Some people then experience the “checklist” mentality, when they feel they MUST have all qualifications to be considered.

This is simply untrue. Basic qualifications are what employers need to justify considering you as a candidate. Desired qualifications are what will set you apart from other candidates. The more desired qualifications you have, the better. However, veterans should not let this section deter them from applying for positions. I call the person who has every qualification the “Unicorn Candidate.” Even with an impressive application, the person may not get the position. The Unicorn Candidate may not fit well with the culture or may not interview well. Company fit matters.

Fear of Crossing the Border

The civilian world can look a bit intimidating, especially if a service member joined right out of high school and has never interviewed for a job. Joining the civilian workforce can be overwhelming, so many talk themselves out of going there.

How does someone overcome this fear and connect with a section of the workforce that does things a bit differently? The answer is networking. Service members should seek out civilian employment mentors (hopefully in management positions) who have never served. They have the capacity to mentor and guide transitioning service members in the right direction.

Service members can find mentors in several ways, but I have two methods I’d like to suggest:

First, I would use Hire Heroes USA’s volunteer services. We work with more than 800 volunteers nationwide who help answer industry-specific questions for our clients. I still talk with my mentor in I/O Psychology. She has become a dear friend and is able to guide me on my career path. We encourage any transitioning veteran to sign up for our services.

Second, it’s a good idea to have coffee conversations. I recommend using LinkedIn to connect and message a civilian at a company you admire or a company you want to work for. Go for a cup of coffee or have a phone conversation about their journey and what they did to get to their position. Not only does this give you practice on networking, but if a position becomes available, they will likely keep you in mind. Positive communication is everything! 

Who Are You?

Transitioning to civilian employment is not easy. A person must first come to terms with what they are leaving behind. The military is a home for many veterans. It is where our “family” is, where many of us were raised as an adult, and where we found our purpose. When we transition, the lack of that culture can cause service members to feel lost in the beginning. 

This is ok and a natural feeling. Service member or not, everyone comes to a point in their lives where they question who they are and their place in the world. Employment is a HUGE part of this question.

I encourage service members to follow the breadcrumbs. What is your degree? What are you curious about? What companies do you like? Whatever those answers, don’t stop moving because you can’t decide on a job. Move because you have choices. Don’t forget that you have worth and value to add to any company. Believe in yourself and apply for that job. Tailor your resume and apply for a variety of jobs. You never know until you try. We’re here to help you in your transition! Click here to register to become a client with Hire Heroes USA.

Volunteer Spotlight: Pete

Volunteer Spotlight: Pete

Hire Heroes Volunteer, Pete

When Marine Corps veteran Pete Tiliakos left the military, he looked for ways to continue serving others. Today, he is an active volunteer with Hire Heroes USA, devoting more than 35 hours to help Hire Heroes clients find the right job.

“Helping veterans and spouses to navigate the transition to a new civilian career, gives me a great deal of pride and gratification,” Pete said.

Pete discovered Hire Heroes USA after a conversation with Hire Heroes board member Brian Stann and former Chief Business Officer, Nate Smith. He has worked in human resources for more than 20 years since he was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1995. He is currently a Principal Analyst at NelsonHall, an global research analyst firm based in the U.K.

As a volunteer for Hire Heroes USA, Pete uses his wealth of experience in human resources to help transitioning service members navigate their job search. He helps our clients by participating in webinars, mock interviews and career counseling sessions.

“I know first-hand just how overwhelming the process can be for veterans. Thus, I sought a way to share my time and experience,” Pete said. “I found the Hire Heroes volunteer program to be highly flexible and a perfect fit for my passion, expertise, and hectic schedule.”

Pete, thank you for making an impact in the lives of our clients.

Like Pete, you can make a difference too. Become a Hire Heroes USA volunteer today!