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Promoting nonprofit effectiveness through intelligent charitable giving For anyone unfamiliar with the nonprofit award making process, funders often begin Requests for Proposals with the same question: What is the need?  Nonprofits try to answer that question clearly and compellingly if they hope t... read more

  Are you ready to achieve the impossible? When facing unemployment it is unlikely that your primary concern is finding your dream job that perfectly pairs your love for baseball with your urge to have hourly snack breaks; however, do not lose all hope! It is important that you take the time to... read more

  Lynn Glover joined Hire Heroes USA in May as a Fellow with The Mission Continues. We took some time to speak with Lynn about her role at Hire Heroes USA and what she has gained from the experience.   Why did you choose to work at Hire Heroes USA for your fellowship? Lynn: When

Searching for the next promising opportunity can bring about many emotions such as excitement, frustration, confusion, and hopefulness. Your job search strategy may include creating a jobseeker account, posting resumes online, and applying for openings on job boards like Monster.com, CareerBuilder, ... read more

  It is something great and greatening to cherish an ideal; to act in the light of truth that is far-away and far above; to set aside the near advantage, the momentary pleasure; the snatching of seeming good to self; and to act for remoter ends, for higher good, and for interests other than our

I met my husband when I was a senior in college. He was in the ROTC program and had one year left of school. I never thought that I would end up with a guy in the military, but sometimes life surprises you. After being apart for a year while he finished school, and then

Job searching, at any age, is a stressful and tedious process. More often than not, one finds more failure than success – not having a significant amount of experience in the work force doesn’t make things any easier. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit job searching online and t... read more

One of Hire Heroes USA’s biggest partnerships is with the USO. This partnership began in 2012 when the USO recognized Hire Heroes as a best-in-class organization that provides career transition services. In the past 2 years, Hire Heroes and the USO have conducted over 25 Career Opportunity Day... read more

Congratulations! You got the interview. The resume revision and job search paid off. Now it’s time to prepare for the interview process so that you conduct yourself with confidence. The checklist below will help you during your preparation.   1.     Understand the interview process. Eve... read more