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Are you thinking about going back to school, but not sure if it is worth the time or money? Here are a few points that may help you make the decision to continue your education.   You may not have to pay at all. The new GI Bill covers the full cost of undergraduate education

If you are struggling to find a job you may start thinking about working with a search firm. This can be a wise idea for some, but it is important to follow a few rules. First, let’s take a look at the two types of search firms.   Contingency Search Firms These types of firms

A professional and polished resume is essential for your job search, as it is your primary opportunity to catch a hiring manager’s attention. A good resume should demonstrate that your experience and qualifications fit the job description, prove your ability to perform the job in question, illustr... read more

You completed your resume, practiced your interview skills, and began the job hunt. What now? An informational meeting, when successfully conducted, can be your next best step to a successful career. We’ve answered the most common questions about informational meetings below to help you take the n... read more

The job market is tough. If you’re a job seeker, you’ve probably realized that by now. So what can you do to help yourself stand out? Professional certifications are one way to significantly improve your chances of landing a job. By obtaining a professional certification you are showing employer... read more

A new survey conducted by the Military Officers Association of America and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University reveals a staggering statistic about female military spouses: 90% of spouses of active duty service members are underemployed. This means that those who ... read more

With 45 dedicated volunteers, the volunteer program is essential in Hire Heroes USA’s program delivery and growth. Volunteers increase staff capacity by providing quality, personalized career transition services to veterans and their spouses to supplement the work of our Veteran Transition Spe... read more

At Hire Heroes USA we believe in the power of “shared transformation.” Through our personalized career transition programs and services, we help transform military service into civilian success. The transformation continues through companies who hire veterans, as they enhance the leaders... read more