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100 holes
  • Location: Hartland, WI

Carl Meyer hits fairways again July 4, 2019 in daylong effort to support Hire Heroes USA

For the past 11 years, Carl Meyer has celebrated America’s Independence Day on a golf course for his annual “100 Holes for Our Heroes” fundraiser. What’s unique about this event is Carl never plays 100 holes – he plays more… A LOT more! So far, this annual tradition has resulted in a total of 1,452 holes of golf played. That includes the 109 holes Carl achieved last year to mark his 11th straight year of raising awareness about Hire Heroes USA. To date, Carl’s efforts have raised more than $775,000 to support Hire Heroes USA’s mission. 

How it Started

In 2008, when he first started the 100 Holes event, he actually played 108 holes before calling it a day. Six years later, it was 135 holes, and he followed that up with 155 holes a year later. Every year he played more holes than the year before, beginning his daylong tour of the front and back nines at Chenequa Country Club, in Wisconsin, well before sunrise and finishing in the early evening. To date, Carl has raised more than half-a-million dollars through his efforts.

Why He Does It Year-After-Year

For Carl, Carl Meyer & Marine Corps veteran John Matterit’s a personal passion that combines his lifelong love of golf with his genuine interest in making a difference in the lives of men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces – men like Marine Corps veteran John Matter, recipient of three Purple Hearts and a former Hire Heroes USA client, who visits Carl on the golf course each year.  Carl says, “I just feel that we’re blessed within a country where we have men and women who are willing to raise their hand and serve our nation. I think we have a debt to them when they come back – to give them an opportunity – not a handout – but an opportunity to live the American dream they fought for.


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To donate by mail:  Print & Fill Out this Form – then mail it with your donation to: Hire Heroes USA, 1360 Union Hill Road, Suite 2-A, Alpharetta, GA 30004 (Attn: 100 Holes Event)


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