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100 holes
  • Location: Hartland, WI

Carl Meyer hits fairways again July 4, 2018, in daylong effort to support Hire Heroes USA

For the past 10 years, Carl Meyer has celebrated America’s Independence Day on a golf course for his annual “100 Holes for Our Heroes” fundraiser. What’s unique about this event is Carl has never actually played 100 holes – he plays more… A LOT more! So far, this annual tradition has resulted in a total of 1,341 holes of golf played across the past 10 Fourth of July holidays. Last year, Carl outdid himself again as he played a full 10 rounds of golf – 180 holes! – to mark a full decade in his personal drive to raise awareness about Hire Heroes USA and raise money in support of its mission.

How it all began

carl meyer-300x199In 2008, when he first started the 100 Holes event, he actually played 108 holes before calling it a day. Six years later, in 2014, it was 135 holes, and he followed that monumental achievement just a year later by playing 155. If all of those totals weren’t remarkable enough, Carl outdid himself yet again in 2016, when he played a grand total of 162 holes – it was a daylong tour of the front and back nines at Chenequa Country Club, in Wisconsin, that started at 4:50am and ended well after seven in the evening.

All of those numbers have added up and so has Carl’s impact through fundraising. To date, it’s a total that has reached more than half-a-million dollars.

Why he does it

For Carl, Carl Meyer & Marine Corps veteran John Matterit’s a personal passion that combines his lifelong love of golf with his genuine interest in making a difference in the lives of men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces – men like Marine Corps veteran John Matter, recipient of three Purple Hearts and a former Hire Heroes USA client, who visits Carl on the golf course each year.  Carl says, “I just feel that we’re blessed within a country where we have men and women who are willing to raise their hand and serve our nation. I think we have a debt to them when they come back – to give them an opportunity – not a handout – but an opportunity to live the American dream they fought for.”


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To donate by mail, Please print & fill out this form – mail with donation to: Hire Heroes USA, 1360 Union Hill Road, Suite 2-A, Alpharetta, GA 30004 (Attn: 100 Holes Event)

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