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Q. Will Hire Heroes USA get me a job?

Hire Heroes USA offers career transition assistance at no cost to honorably discharged military members, veterans and military spouses who register. There is no guarantee that our services will result in a job offer, but more than 70% of clients who complete phase 1 of our program and receive a professional resume, find employment.

Q. Why is it important to send Hire Heroes USA a DD214?

A DD214 form is needed to confirm your status as a U.S. military veteran. For your privacy, please black out your social security number.

Q. Is there a certain resume format I should use?

Hire Heroes USA highly recommends utilizing our Sample Resume Template as a guideline when building your resume. For assistance, please register online for our free career coaching services.

Q. Why is it important to frequently check and respond to emails and voicemails?

While conducting a job search, please be sure to check your email/voicemail frequently in the event that an employer is trying to communicate with you. Responding to these communications in a timely manner lets the employer know that you are both interested and responsible.

Q. Why is it important to double check my voicemail message and ringtone choice?

Voicemail messages and ringtone choices can influence an employer’s first impression of you. It is strongly recommended that you record a professional voicemail response and select a standard ring tone.

Q. Why is my email address important?

Like your resume, an email address offers a first impression of who you are. To ensure a professional and polished first impression to potential employers, it is strongly recommended that you create an email address for business communication which simply contains your name. For example,  johndoe@aol.com or jane_doe@gmail.com.


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