He joined the military because in his family, it’s what you did. Now he helps other veterans find their new mission in the civilian workforce.

Joining the military was like second nature to Todd. With his dad, two brothers, and sister all serving in the armed forces, Todd joining the Army felt like a family tradition. After 20 years of serving in the Army, Todd didn’t know where to begin in his civilian career search. It wasn’t until Hire Heroes USA hosted a job fair that he got the ball rolling. After the job fair, Todd sent in his resume and it was revised by a team member. After receiving a revised resume, Todd received an unexpected call from a Transition Specialist about a job interview with Hire Heroes USA. He soon went from a transitioning veteran to a Transition Specialist at Hire Heroes USA. Todd values his position at Hire Heroes USA because he is able to assist veterans that face difficulties of transitioning into civilian work. 

Hire Heroes Star

“Hire Heroes USA is such an amazing program. Being a military spouse it’s hard to maintain that balance since we move around. Hire Heroes was able to work with me and make me feel prioritized.”

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