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Resume Tools

 The following templates, tutorials and presentation slides can help you begin the process of crafting a resume.

  • Resume Writing Presentation: This PowerPoint covers information that is useful for creating a resume. 
  • Resume Template: This template serves as a guide to building and formatting your resume.
  • Cover Letter Template: A cover letter may not be necessary for every job application, but this download serves as a template for drafting a cover letter.
  • References Page Template: This downloadable document will help you format a references page.
  • Military Skills Translator: Using O*NET, you can use your Military Occupation Classification (MOC) to identify similar occupations in the civilian workforce.

Marketing Yourself

If a resume is your written marketing tool, a value proposition is your verbal marketing tool. Learn how to impress hiring managers and networking contacts with an introduction that emphasizes your value and experience. 


Leveraging your contacts to expand your professional circle is key in any job search.

  • LinkedIn: The largest professional network in the world with over 300 million users, LinkedIn is a valuable resource to network and build professional connections. Hire Heroes USA can help you navigate this professional networking site and provide tips on building a professional and effective profile. Here is a LinkedIn Tutorial to get you started.
  • Networking and Your Job Search: This PowerPoint highlights the importance of networking and how to leverage your network while searching for a job.  


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