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  • Leadership
  • Respect for Procedures
  • Teamwork
  • Triumph over Adversity
  • Accelerated Learning Curve
  • Technology and Globalization
  • Efficient Performance under Pressure
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Action
  • Integrity
  • Conscious of Health and Safety Standards

1. Leadership

Veterans understand practical ways to manage and achieve goals in even the most trying circumstances. They are trained to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration.


2. Teamwork

Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues and how diverse individuals or groups can best work together to achieve overarching objectives.


3. Accelerated Learning Curve

Veterans have the proven ability to quickly learn new skills and concepts. They possess the identifiable and transferable skills prove to achieve success.


4. Efficient Performance under Pressure

Veterans have the capacity to know how to accomplish tasks on time and in spite of stress or adversity. They understand the importance of dedication and perseverance.


5. Integrity

Veterans know what it means to do an “honest day’s work.” This integrity translates into qualities of sincerity and trustworthiness.


6. Respect for Procedures

Veterans have gained a unique perspective on the value of accountability. They understand how policies and procedures yield stability, safety, and productivity.


7. Triumph over Adversity

Veterans are individuals who have triumphed over adversity. They have the proven ability to overcome challenges and obstacles through strength and determination.


8. Technology and Globalization

Veterans are aware of international and technical trends pertinent to business. They bring the kind of global outlook and technological savvy necessary for success.


9. Diversity and Inclusion in Action

Veterans have worked respectfully and cooperatively alongside others regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or mental and physical capabilities.


10. Conscious of Health and Safety Standards

Veterans are cognizant of the importance of health and safety standards. This conscientiousness translates into the protection of self, others, and property.