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The following testimonials are from actual military veterans and spouses that Hire Heroes USA assisted. With results like these, it makes sense that 92% of our clients would recommend our services to their peers.

My Veteran Transition Specialist mentored me on various issues veterans face and helped me put together a elite formatted resume that landed me a position in industrial security. He also set me up for a mock interview via phone which helped me greatly in actual interviews. I wish I had heard about Hire Heroes USA sooner and I believe every transitioning veteran should be told about this amazing nonprofit prior to getting out of the military. This organization has had a tremendous impact on me and has prompted me to become a volunteer and help mentor other veterans getting out of the service. Thank you Hire Heroes USA! Curt Boshnack United States Marine Corps E-5

The difference in my resume was night and day! My Veteran Transition Specialist’s background as an Infantryman really highlighted what we do in a way that presented my leadership and risk management skills. Daniel Blando United States Army, E-5, North Carolina

It was my Veteran Transition Specialist that introduced me to [my current employer] and tailored my resume for the position. This program is great and it empowers you. I would recommend it to anyone. Falicia Hill United States Army, E-6, North Carolina

When we first contacted Hire Heroes USA, my family and I were overwhelmed with this transition. However, I felt like they understood our situation, gave me the confidence I needed and believed in my skills during one of the most challenging times in my life. My VTS really helped me throughout this entire process. He guided me in each step, and gave great career advice. He turned my resume into a document I was proud of – I can’t thank him enough! Lucia Cuadros United States Navy Spouse, California

I feel that my Veteran Transition Specialist provided the one-on-one coaching and mentorship I needed to successfully navigate the new job space, interview properly and present my skills effectively on a resume. Ben Rodriguez United States Army, W-2, Colorado

The conversations I had with other job seekers during the Transition Workshop were quite helpful. It is always great to be able to hear other people’s perspectives on some of the same issues I had been facing. Paul Gregory United States Air Force, O-4, New Mexico Warrior Transition Workshop participant

I have a new found sense as self as I will now be able to better support myself and my family. Words cannot express how grateful I am. Hire Heroes USA has also assisted my husband who is a Marine Corps Veteran. Our family thanks you. Virginia Wallingford United States Army, O-4, Colorado

I think the whole experience was great. I have told other veterans about the services provided by Hire Heroes USA and how they helped me get my dream job of working for the Dallas Cowboys. Jacob Jackson United States Marine Corps, E-4, Texas

The fact that I was given assistance in writing a resume and cover letter will benefit me for many years to come. It has created a foundation of information to build off of. I can’t express how thankful I am for the assistance from Hire Heroes USA. The fact that service is free makes it a resource that every veteran should utilize.” Vincent Chirafisi United States Air Force, E-4, California

Working with Hire Heroes USA has been a great experience. The team that was sent to Portsmouth was very knowledgeable and professional. I feel that every service member should have the opportunity to attend a resume seminar. LeOdon Cason United States Army, E-6, Virginia Warrior Transition Workshop participant

The revised resume allowed me to immediately become noticed by an employer who had previously overlooked my resume in favor of another person. Once I uploaded the revised Hire Heroes USA resume, I was sent a note the next day for an interview. Thank you! Robert Fitkin United States Navy, O-4, Virginia

The entire staff was amazing, to get folks from different companies to come out for mock interviews is amazing. The mock interviews were a big help with securing a job. Nancy Clegg United States Air Force, E-7, North Carolina Warrior Transition Workshop participant

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