Volunteer Spotlight: Albert

The last place Albert expected to get the calling to volunteer was while he was watching a football game with friends. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

albertDuring a TV timeout in a Naval Academy football game, he saw a commercial for Hire Heroes USA that sparked his interest. Our mission drew him in, because he knew first-hand the struggles of transitioning out of the military. He did it himself in 2014. Albert hopes his perspective and experience can be useful for other military men and women.  

I volunteer with Hire Heroes USA because I truly believe in the importance of its mission to empower U.S. military members, veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. As a fellow veteran, I hope that my experience can prove useful during their transition and, now as an employer of veterans, I know the value they bring to the civilian sector.”

Albert has had some great conversations with veterans. In each exchange, he says, there is a moment when he feels his advice is helping to build their confidence. They know they are finding support and will find the career they are looking for.

“Volunteering with Hire Heroes USA is more than just giving advice, it is supporting the veterans and creating connections with them during that hard transition period of their life. I think that this is an amazing program with benefits that serve many people and organizations. I am proud to call myself a volunteer.”

Q: What would you tell someone about Hire Heroes USA who has never heard of us?

“Anyone who is out there looking for a way to support and volunteer, Hire Heroes USA is one of those programs where anyone can participate. Everyone wants to give back but Hire Heroes USA allows you to give your time and mentor someone, who is appreciative. The results are just so rewarding”.