Volunteer Spotlight: Sara


As a military spouse, Sara Mills knows first-hand the challenges and triumphs that come with a military lifestyle – especially when it comes to searching for a new career.

“I’ve often met others in the midst of career transitions, whether it’s a service member getting ready to retire or a fellow spouse in the midst of a PCS,” Sara explained. “With a background in HR, I’ve always felt called to help in this arena and was looking for a meaningful way to serve the military community.”

When Sara found out Hire Heroes USA was seeking volunteers that could support veterans and military spouses remotely, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to pay it forward. Sara’s professional experience spans a decade of civil service in various human resource roles, and she offers extensive knowledge about the federal employment process specifically.  “I have experience explaining the ins and outs of the notoriously daunting federal hiring process to hiring managers, and now I’m able to leverage that into helpful suggestions for veterans and military spouses.” 

When working with clients, Sara’s best piece of advice is to stay persistent. “Applying for a job takes hard work and intentional effort,” she said. “Putting in the time to craft the best resume, sometimes over and over again, and over-prepare for an interview can only work in your favor.”

Sara has assisted clients in a variety of ways during her time as a Hire Heroes USA volunteer, but one mock interview stands out as her most memorable conversation with a client.

“I wasn’t sure [at first] the questions I came up with would resonate, but it seemed to get the gears turning in the way I’d hoped,” she explained. “I believe if nothing else, they left the conversation feeling more prepared and empowered.” 

In a job market that can feel overwhelming to many military families, Sara has a strong handle on how to build meaningful rapport with veterans and military spouse job seekers and help them leverage their unique skills and backgrounds into future career moves.

“I love to hear their stories and learn about how they’ve gotten to this particular point in their career,” Sara shared. “It’s incredible to meet such hard-working and inspiring people and to be a part of their career journey, even if just in some small way.”

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.