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Q. What’s the process for becoming a volunteer?
A. Becoming a volunteer with Hire Heroes USA is an easy process. First, complete the Volunteer Application online. You will be contacted by a member of our Volunteer Program Team within one week to discuss your application and set up an orientation session, which is normally done by telephone. A few volunteer activities will necessitate a background check (paid by Hire Heroes USA). After that, you will spend about an hour on the telephone during your orientation to learn about Hire Heroes USA, our volunteer opportunities and how they work. This also gives us a chance to get to know you, your interests, areas of expertise and personality. We will work together to identify the volunteer activities that are right for you given your experience, interests and availability. Once you complete the orientation, you are an official Hire Heroes USA volunteer!

Q. What is the time commitment?
A. That is totally up to you. We understand that our volunteers are busy professionals with full calendars. You can take on volunteer activities as you are able. Our most popular volunteer opportunities, mock interviews and career counseling, occur on an as-needed basis. Most volunteers give about 2 hours per week. Special event volunteer opportunities happen just a few times a year and generally require a one-day commitment.

Q. I don’t have industry experience. Are there still ways I can volunteer?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Do I have to set a schedule?
A. No! You can fit activities into your calendar when they are convenient for you.

Q. Where do I go to volunteer?
A. Almost all of our volunteers work remotely – they are located all over the country and so are our clients! Mock interviews, career counseling sessions and other volunteer activities are mostly done by telephone or video chat. For special event or transition workshop volunteering, you would go to the location of the event or workshop. You can view our workshop locations and special events online.

Q. Do I have to be located in Georgia?  
A. No. Our unique program enables volunteers to work with veterans located anywhere. All you need is a phone and an internet connection.

Q. Can my company participate as a group?
A. Yes! We have several options for group volunteering and training, particularly if your company is local to our headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia. Please contact us to discuss your needs and options.

Q. How can I help veterans?
A. You can help veterans by giving your time and talent! Most of our volunteer opportunities use your existing professional experience to assist a veteran or spouse that is transitioning to a similar industry or position. Speaking with our clients for an hour or less will provide them with valuable insights that they can use for future job search success.

If you are interested in other ways to support the organization outside of volunteering, please use the contact information below to learn about other needs we have.

Q. What training or experience is required?
A. You will spend approximately one hour on the telephone with one of our volunteer coordinators to complete your initial orientation. Helpful types of experience include, but are certainly not limited to: employee or project management, human resources, hiring, interviewing, talent management, using LinkedIn, and expert knowledge of any industry. We have clients who are interested in almost every kind of job so we always need a variety of volunteers.

Q. Do I have to know about the military?
A. No. While experience with or knowledge about the military is certainly useful, it isn’t required. Our clients are veterans and spouses looking for civilian employment; they are most supported by willing volunteers who have knowledge and expertise with hiring and working in different industries.

Q. Will I have to make up my own interview questions?
A. Ideally, you will create questions based on the job description and resume that is provided to you in advance of the mock interview. However, we can also provide you with a list of sample mock interview questions to use if you wish.

Q. I have other questions. Who can I talk to?
A. Please reach out to the Director of the Volunteer Program with any additional questions: Michele Wiesner