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Career Coaching

Let firsthand guidance show the way

Because Hire Heroes USA understands the unique challenges that military personnel, veterans, and military spouses can face in entering the civilian job market, we make it our goal to set them up for all possible success – and that includes the advice and knowhow of someone who understands exactly what you are dealing with.

Our dedicated group of volunteers includes fellow veterans who have already navigated a transition to a civilian career, as well as certified career development professionals who are proud to aid military personnel and their spouses. Whatever your situation, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge ready to guide you down the path to career success.

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Resume Writing

Craft the right message

There is an art to creating an impressive resume, and our experienced volunteers can show you exactly what to include, how to shape your qualifications, and how to put your best foot forward. We’ll help you create a document that speaks for itself – one that potential employers will not be able to ignore and one that gets you started on the perfect career path.

Mock Interviews

Learn how to present yourself

Thanks to a wonderful staff of committed volunteers, we offer you the insight and preparation that can make all the difference in landing the perfect job. Whether that be from experienced veterans, who have already trodden your path – or even from a professionally trained development professionals – we offer the tools to help your sharpen craft and ensure you the best opportunity at obtaining the job you want. Learning how to present yourself isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can take practice and knowhow – and we help you achieve that.

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Support from those who have been there

Our experienced and committed volunteers offer military members veterans, and military spouses career guidance from professionals in your desired field. It is the kind of assistance that can make all the difference in helping you make key decisions or landing the exact job or promotion you seek.

And because our volunteers understand the unique situations faced by military members, veterans, and military spouses, we can frame this advice in a way that is sure to make a difference. And we offer it at all stages of your career path. So, whether you’re just now thinking of a career path or need advice on taking the next steps in your civilian career, we are here to answer your questions.

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