Reflections on Volunteering

Reflections on Volunteering

I’ve always admired the patriotism, courage, and selflessness of our U.S. military members. There’s a tradition of this in my family:

My father, at age 16 and with the blessing of his parents, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps toward the end of WWII. My husband is a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, having served in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. He survived a year in Vietnam. He’s shared with me the unwelcoming reaction Vietnam veterans encountered on their return home. He was counseled to delete his military service from his resume! His father was a career Air Force officer, who served as a Navigator in WWII and Korea. Their family moved all over the country, including Alaska, as he was transferred to different bases. Our son served four years in the U.S. Army Old Guard and escorted Nancy Reagan during President Reagan’s funeral services. He is still serving in the Florida Army National Guard, and has deployed twice to Iraq and Kenya.

I retired a few years ago as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Macy’s Technology. After a career in HR, I wanted to find a way to serve and support our veterans while leveraging my extensive experience. Hire Heroes USA is a perfect match. As an In-Office Outreach Volunteer, I support the Client Services team in contacting our clients. I provide coaching and encouragement, get updates, and determine how we can further support them. Of course, I leave a lot of voicemails, too, but each one is a reminder to that client that we are here for them. In the three years I’ve been volunteering, I’ve identified over 150 hired clients. These calls always provide a celebration moment!

The HHUSA team is dedicated, caring, and professional. They provide the support and resources our clients need to navigate the new and often confusing world of civilian employment. I see the positive difference HHUSA makes in the lives of transitioning military, spouses, and veterans. I’m honored and proud to play a small part.

– Donna, Hire Heroes USA Volunteer

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