Hired Veteran Andrew McLaughlin

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Army National Guard veteran Andrew McLaughlin was hired as a Veterans Programs Liaison with National Able Network. With a Master’s Degree in Communications Studies from Eastern Illinois University, Andrew has a passion for assisting veterans and those in need. He received assistance from Hire Heroes USA with his resume, cover letter, job search techniques, interview skills, and value proposition.

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Networking in the New Year: Do’s and Don’ts

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 70% of all jobs are filled through networking. According to this statistic, the best job search method of 2014 is connecting with people. Before you head out to network and tap into what many call the “hidden job market,” make sure you understand these essential networking do’s and don’ts.


Do make networking a priority each week.

Do not spend all of your time searching for a job on the computer.


Do keep an excel spreadsheet of your networking contacts.

Do not forget to keep your document current with notes from meetings.


Do get more involved through a professional organization, hobby, sports, church group, etc.

Do not be shy; networking is all about meeting people.


Do research companies in your field of expertise or interest to find someone to talk to, just to learn.

Do not think that because someone works in a completely different industry that they cannot be helpful in broadening your network.


Do ask questions about someone’s company, jobs, and industry.

Do not ask about vacation policies, benefits, nor salaries.


Do show interest in learning about how your skills may fit into an organization or industry.

Do not simply say, “I’m looking for a job.”


Do exchange business cards.

Do not forget to follow up every meeting with a thank you note/email.


Published data estimates that 75% to 95% of open jobs go unadvertised. Searching job boards is not enough anymore. To perform an effective job search, you need to begin building your network to discover potential opportunities. There’s no better time than a new year to start.

Altria Group Awards Hire Heroes USA $550,000 Grant


Three-Year Contribution Plan to Fund Veteran Career Transition Programs


ALPHARETTA, Ga. January 13, 2013 — In their continued dedication to support programs that enrich communities, Altria Group has awarded Hire Heroes USA a three year $550,000 grant to fund its veteran career transition programs and services. Hire Heroes USA is a national nonprofit organization that provides dedicated, personal assistance to transitioning service members, veterans and their spouses in order to overcome barriers to employment.

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5 Easy Job Search Goals for the New Year

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to set new goals. You may have already made a few goals for your personal life, but setting goals for your professional life can be extremely beneficial as well. Below are 5 job search goals that you can easily make this year.


1. Set goals for the number of contacts you reach out to daily.

The key to a successful job search is to stay active and make contacts; you never know who may be aware of a perfect career opportunity. This means that you need to make as much contact with people as possible. Your contacts can be anyone from neighbors to a former colleague to your mailman. Do not limit yourself as you build your network. Try to reach as many as 15 contacts per week, and remember to send them a follow-up thank you note or email.


2. Change at least one word on your resume every week and re-post it online.

Your resume is your chance to catch the attention of hiring managers; therefore, you should have it posted online in places such as LinkedIn, Monster.com, and CareerBuilder during an active job search. You may not be able to initiate direct contact with every employer, but you can ensure that your resume remains in the fresh recipient box of online search engines and data banks. Edit your resume weekly and re-post it to online platforms.


3. Send out up to 30 resumes per week.

Try to send out 6 resumes per day. This will not be effective if you simply send out generic resumes; each resume you send should be focused and targeted on the specific position or industry. Make your resume worth each company’s time.


4. Do not spend more than 3-4 hours on the internet each day.

It is easy to restrict a job search to online these days, but this may not be the most successful way. Using the internet is only one way to look for open positions. You also need to get out and talk to people. Set up informal meetings with your network. To stay positive and proactive in your job search, you need to create energy around your personal campaign.


5. Create a system and keep it up-to-date.

Make your job search a habit this year. Every time you make a connection, write it down. Every time you send a resume, follow up. Document all of your efforts in a maintainable format that allows you to store the valuable information — even after you land your next position.


These are just a few job search goals to start 2014 off right. Try them out! You may find yourself creating a few goals of your own as the year progresses.