Hire Heroes USA Volunteers: Making an Impact

With 45 dedicated volunteers, the volunteer program is essential in Hire Heroes USA’s program delivery and growth. Volunteers increase staff capacity by providing quality, personalized career transition services to veterans and their spouses to supplement the work of our Veteran Transition Specialists. Through mock interviews, resume reviews, and career advice, volunteers help veterans and their spouses gain the confidence needed to find meaningful civilian employment.


5k volunteer at reg table


What value do volunteers add to Hire Heroes USA?


The value of our volunteers is unparalleled. While we have a diverse  staff made up of military veterans and business professionals, we do not have firsthand knowledge about every industry. For example, many of our veterans and their spouses are interested in careers within the federal government. All of our staff members are not experts in this sector, so we rely on the experience of our volunteers to supplement our career coaching Рfrom the application process to interviewing.


What are our volunteers saying about their experience?


After assisting a Navy veteran with interview skills, a volunteer received notice that the unemployed veteran was offered a job. Upon receiving the news, the volunteer wrote, “This note made my day. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to interview her.”


Another volunteer, who is a Hire Heroes USA alumnus himself, wanted to give back to the program that helped him so much. After his first counseling session with an unemployed veteran he said, “The thing that stood out the most was seeing the veteran’s face light up when I told him his earning potential was a heck of a lot more than he estimated. I think that gave him a boost of confidence to keep at it, stay positive, and adjust his sights a bit higher. What an awesome experience!”


How do I become a volunteer?


Becoming a volunteer is easy! Go to our Volunteer page and view our volunteer job descriptions. We offer opportunities in everything from veteran programs to fundraising. If there is something that fits your skills or interests, please email our Volunteer Coordinator with a completed Volunteer Interest Form. We look forward to working with you to empower more veterans and their spouses during their transitions.

3 Companies Showing Love for Our Veterans

Companies across the country are showing their appreciation for our veterans through strong military recruitment programs. Victory Media has been conducting thorough research since 2003 to identify these companies and recognize their commitment to providing meaningful job opportunities to veterans. Below are three companies making a difference in the veteran community.



For the second consecutive year, USAA claims the title of the nation’s top Military Friendly Employer by making veteran hiring a top priority. The company has hired over 7,800 veterans and their spouses since 2005, and in a recent press release “announced [that] it had increased its internal [veteran] hiring goal from 25 to 30 percent…understanding that military experience is a preferred qualification.” USAA hires veterans and their spouses for a variety of positions, from customer service to executive management, making it an ideal employer for transitioning service members.


Southern Company

Like Hire Heroes USA, Southern Company is an Atlanta-based operation serving the military community nationwide. The utility company boasts a 26,000 person workforce with over 11% being current or former military members. Southern Company is a founding member of the Troops to Energy Jobs program and is committed to linking transitioning service members to careers in the energy industry where their military skills will be utilized.



Amazon has been a leader in the military recruiting field for years. In fact, few other companies can say that 25% of new employees are former military. Aamzon CEO, Jeff Bezos, explains to Fortune Magazine Online, “We actively seek leaders who can invent, think big, have a bias for action, and deliver results…these principles look very familiar to men and women who served our country in the armed forces.”


Civilian businesses are making a collective effort to understand and utilize military skills in response to the startling unemployment rates that our veterans face. Take time to learn more about the 97 other companies that made Military Friendly’s list this year, and share the information with veterans and spouses looking for a new career.

Network Your Way to a Better Career with LinkedIn

In today’s job market, it is important to engage companies, hiring managers, and fellow veterans through effective networking. Have you joined LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn is a professional online networking website (similar in some ways to Facebook) that “connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” You can utilize LinkedIn to find virtual networking opportunities, conduct an online job search, create and maintain professional relationships, and contact prospective employers.


There are a plethora of resources available – such as VetNet – that explain how to utilize LinkedIn, but let’s focus on some of the more nuanced ways in which you can make your job search more effective.

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