Common Missteps While Job Searching in Your 20’s

Job searching, at any age, is a stressful and tedious process. More often than not, one finds more failure than success – not having a significant amount of experience in the work force doesn’t make things any easier. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit job searching online and through my personal networks, which has opened me up to making just about every mistake in the book. Here are some of the most common problems encountered while job searching in your 20’s:


Mindless errors

Always, always, always re-read your emails. Always. You can’t re-read your correspondence with potential employers and clients enough. If a potential employer sees typos and misspelled names in your emails to them, they’ll expect that you will make the same mistakes when you’re emailing clients and co-workers.


Getting down on yourself

Job searching, especially applying to a large number of jobs online, can be a trying and tiring process. There can be hundreds of people who found an online job posting the same way you did and who applied through the same process. Managing to receive a reply after submitting an online application is quite a feat, especially if you’re applying with little to no experience. Not hearing back from the companies can be so demoralizing that some job search firms don’t even let their clients apply to online job postings; they prefer that their clients look for job openings solely through networking.  Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Your big break is coming.


Speaking and acting informally

When you walk into a job interview and your interviewers see that you haven’t hit 30, it is easy for them to think that you are not mature enough for a position or that you lack the poise required to lead a team. These preconceived notions, based solely on age, are often wrong and unwarranted. Regardless, it is your job to prove them wrong. Act professionally throughout the entire application and interview processes to leave no doubt that you have what it takes to fill the position.


About the Author – Hire Heroes USA Volunteer, Nick W.

Nick works in the commercialization arm of a drug development accelerator out of Cleveland, OH. He recently graduated with his Master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Biotechnology from Case Western Reserve University and received his Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Environmental Science from Miami University (OH). As a recent graduate, he has tried, failed, and succeeded in securing a position during his job searching endeavors. He hopes that others can learn from his mistakes and glean a tip or two from his successes.

MedAssets Hire Heroes USA 5k Race for Heroes Raises over $160,000

Hire Heroes USA is proud to announce that the MedAssets Hire Heroes USA 5K Race for Heroes events held in Alpharetta, GA and Plano, TX raised over $160,000 this year! This would not have been possible without our hardworking volunteers who generously donated their time to plan and execute the event, as well as the nearly 1,000 members of the community that attended or sponsored the races.


Race-day participants enjoyed post-race activities including food vendors, DJs, bouncy houses, and giveaways. Awards were given out to the top 3 finishers in 13 age groups for males and females. President and CEO of Hire Heroes USA, Brian Stann, was on hand to accept the final check from MedAssets.


check presentation2


The significant funds raised at both races will allow our organization to help more transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses transition into civilian employment. With the $165,000 in contributions, we will be able to:


  • Assist 750 more veterans and spouses
  • Conduct more than 600 assessments
  • Receive, revise, and edit almost 500 resumes
  • Conduct more than 2,800 counseling sessions
  • Confirm almost 150 veterans hired

Visit the Race for Heroes Facebook page for pictures of the event and click here to see a full listing of results.