Hired Veteran Daniel Blando

Hired as a Financial Analyst with Cintas in Fayetteville, NC
United States Army, E-5, Infantryman

USArmyc1I separated from the United States Army in 2012, after serving for six years as an E-5, 11B Infantryman, including multiple deployments to Iraq and Kuwait. As a full-time father in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting at the University of North Carolina, and sought civilian employment for additional income until I finished my degree. After registering for services with Hire Heroes USA, I was paired with a Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) to help me craft a civilian resume that translated my military experience.

My existing resume was broken and made no sense to anyone who wasn’t in the military. Having been an Infantryman himself, my VTS helped me translated my experience and highlight my accomplishments in leadership and risk management. His advice on how to approach the civilian job search helped me find a job based on my attributes and career goals, not my history. After working with Hire Heroes USA for three months, I was offered a Financial Analyst position with Cintas. Working with Hire Heroes USA was an amazing experience, and I know my Veteran Transition Specialist and I will remain in touch. I’m so grateful, thank you!