Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Citi

Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Citi

You may have noticed that a large percentage of the current postings on our job board are career opportunities with U.S.-based Citigroup, one of the world’s leading global banks. Citi has become a valuable Employment Partner for Hire Heroes USA.

Citi recognizes the strengths and talents that veterans bring to their organization, so they have maximized their efforts to bring more veterans into their organization through a variety of posted positions – both within the United States and in other countries. Citi also continues to pave the way for employer-provided veteran initiatives, including:

  • Participating in the Veterans Job Mission: The focus of this initiative is to improve veteran employment, and increase retention and career development for veterans in the private sector.
  • Citi’s Military Veteran Employee Network: This network provides formalized peer-to-peer support among veteran employees at Citi; it also supports recruiting, mentoring, leadership and community outreach programs to the veteran community.
  • Citi’s Military Officer Leadership Program: Provides an 18-month rotational program of training, coaching and mentoring.
  • Veterans on Wall Street: Citi (along with other partner banks) co-founded this group, which strives to support and honor military members, and leverage collective resources to improve the conditions under which they transition to civilian life

In addition, to these great veteran-focused programs, Citi’s Veteran Recruiting Team and Citi Salutes, are working to promote a veteran-friendly culture and employment opportunities within the organization.

Citi continues to align itself with Hire Heroes USA to become a top employment partner. Some of the steps they’ve taken include: participating in the Hire Heroes USA job board, and working to become an active partner in the Onward to Opportunity program.

If you find yourself contemplating whether Citi might be the right career move for you, we encourage you to do some more research on your own and – if you still feel this might be the next place for you – take the following steps:

  • Start networking with current veteran employees at Citi, prior to completing the application process. Their employee network is designed to help recruit, retain and mentor transitioning veterans.
  • Apply to Citi job opportunities one of these two ways: on the Hire Heroes USA’s job board; or, directly on the Citi careers website.
  • After you apply, tell your Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist and give them a copy of your application confirmation email. Because Hire Heroes USA works closely with Citi’s Veteran Recruiting Initiative, we can tell them directly that you’ve applied for the job, and we’ll send them a copy of your confirmation email. This will allow Citi to prioritize you as a veteran applicant in their system. They will also be able to provide us any updates on the status of your application.

Good luck in your job search and don’t overlook this veteran-friendly employer!

Blog written by Liz Reyes, Hire Heroes USA’s Director of Employment Opportunities