CarterBaldwin to Generously Match Donations to Hire Heroes USA this #GivingTuesday

CarterBaldwin to Generously Match Donations to Hire Heroes USA This GivingTuesday

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, CarterBaldwin has focused on delivering the best: the best for clients, the best for candidates and the best for the causes they believe in. And the team certainly understands excellence. Having executed over 1,000 searches, CarterBaldwin is a retained executive search firm named by Forbes as one of the best in the country. Founding partners Dave and Jennifer Sobocinski lead with a spirit of gratitude. They keep people at the heart of everything they do and their work makes a difference for leading companies across the United States and abroad.

CarterBaldwin’s impact in the nonprofit sector is no different. Annually, the company contributes at least a portion of its profits to charitable organizations. Hire Heroes USA has been privileged to be one such charitable partner since 2015. “I came across Hire Heroes USA by accident, but it struck a personal chord,” Dave shared. 

Back in the fall of 2001, Dave was landing at the Newark airport on his way to meet family and friends to celebrate his sister’s wedding. A few weeks had passed since the news station showed two planes crashing in the World Trade Center. That fateful day impacted every American, but it wasn’t until flying in and seeing the smoke still rising from Ground Zero that the reality of 9/11 and a sense of real patriotism truly hit him. While life had continued in his world, others were paying a high price to defend our freedoms. The smoldering scene in Manhattan reminded him of the bravery of the service men and women who responded to the unthinkable with heroism. 20 years later, Dave still feels a deep sense of gratitude for the military families who sacrifice so we can live freely. 

Within Hire Heroes’ mission to empower veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce, Dave and the CarterBaldwin team found a meaningful synergy. “It was something I thought we could help with based on our [CarterBaldwin’s] expertise and high-level corporate relationships,” Dave explained. “It is great to give money to things you believe in, but beyond that, there is typically little time or opportunity to do much more. Hire Heroes gave me, and our firm, a forum to contribute to an amazing organization and our veterans on a broader scale. “ 

In the case of CarterBaldwin, doing more looks like taking action. As experts in the executive search business, Dave and the CarterBaldwin team recognized they were in a unique position to not just further our mission financially, but to offer valuable guidance to our clients in their civilian job search. Their service to the military community extends to various annual fundraising events, as well as serving as year-round advocates for both Hire Heroes USA and our veteran clients. Over the past six years, Dave and his team have never hesitated to invest time and resources to honor the military community.

On November 30th, they are taking it a step further. To make GivingTuesday as impactful as possible for military families, CarterBaldwin is offering a $10,000 matching gift. Thanks to this act of generosity, every $1 donated to Hire Heroes USA becomes $2 and we’re so grateful for what this adds up to: a network of support for every veteran and military spouse asking the question “what’s next?”  

As Dave put it, “These people [our veterans] protect our liberties and we should ensure that they are able to enjoy them. Finding a job and becoming an average societal participant shouldn’t be a challenge, it should be a presumption and something that is guaranteed. We need to help our veterans maximize their potential in the civilian workforce.”

This year, your GivingTuesday gift ensures the next veteran or military spouse who reaches out for help will find the support they deserve on their path to financial stability. As you make plans to celebrate holidays with your loved ones, let GivingTuesday serve as a challenge to stop and consider those in your community whose days could be made brighter by your support. 

Get ready to make a difference. Check out our GivingTuesday advocacy kit and mark your calendars. It’s time to #DoubletheDifference! Please join us in saying a sincere thank you to the team making it possible: CarterBaldwin. Thank you for ensuring our nation’s veterans and their families know success after service.

Hire Heroes USA Releases 2020 Hire Heroes Report

Hire Heroes USA Releases 2020 Hire Heroes Report

Hire Heroes USA presents research supported by the Walmart Foundation on employment trends emerging within the military community during a tumultuous year
Hire Heroes Report funded by the Walmart Foundation

Veterans nonprofit organization Hire Heroes USA published its fourth annual Hire Heroes Report Monday, which found veterans and military spouses experienced greater and persistent rates of unemployment in 2020. In an extensive study, the report provides meaningful insights from the experiences of 46,400 transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses who navigated a job search last year.

This analysis was made possible by the Walmart Foundation and strengthened through partnerships with SAS and Pinnacle, Inc. As a result, this year’s study contains some of the most important findings ever seen from Hire Heroes USA.

“This report provides unparalleled analysis and insight into the economic challenges veterans and military spouses faced in 2020,” said Hire Heroes USA CEO Andrew Sandoe. “The depth and rigor of the Hire Heroes Report have led to collaborations with government agencies, and across the veteran service community. Without the generosity of the Walmart Foundation, we would not have been able to compile and analyze this data, which allows us to refine and strengthen our programs and deliver unmatched results to the clients we serve.”

Key Findings: 

  • While gender disparities in pay persist, disparities narrowed in 2020
    For the first time, our top hiring company was a civilian employer, Amazon

COVID-19 Impacts: 

“Our clients already face unique challenges in their search for meaningful employment, and the COVID-19 pandemic did not make that search any easier in 2020,” said Hire Heroes USA Program Evaluation and Compliance Manager Hannah Hyde. “We were able to implement a wider offering of services for our clients to ensure that they were able to continue their job search safely and effectively. Despite increased unemployment durations, more Hire Heroes USA clients were hired into new positions in 2020 than ever before.”

In addition to reporting trends to further the national discussion, the Hire Heroes Report allows Hire Heroes USA to redefine and improve programmatic support to better equip job-seeking service members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in their civilian careers.

The full report is available here

 About Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA empowers US military members, veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. Our organization offers personalized one-on-one coaching, professionally revised resumes, mentoring, workshops, a job board, career fairs and more, to tens of thousands of job-seeking veterans and military spouses annually. Hire Heroes USA prioritizes transparency, earning a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and the GuideStar Platinum Seal. Funded exclusively through public donations and private grants, we provide our services at no cost to clients. For more information about our organization, visit

Volunteer Spotlight: Robert

Volunteer Spotlight: Robert

Leaving military life, there’s uncertainty, unpredictability and often confusion. But with the right guidance along the way and the support to get there, change can create opportunity. Many of our clients seize the chance to chart a new course when they begin their civilian career. That’s when volunteers like Robert Clarady play an important role. A veteran of the US Navy, he can offer insight from his own transition and speak to the lessons he’s learned working in IT in his civilian career. That kind of guidance can provide confidence during a critical time. 

Veteran and Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Robert Clarady.

Working with Hire Heroes during his own career transition, Robert met with a volunteer to discuss his job search. He found the connection and insight to be beneficial and he knew once he was settled in his new role, he wanted to help in the same way. “Knowing how helpful the advice I received was and how few were available to mentor in IT and cyber, I wanted to pay it forward to the next veteran or transitioning service member,” Robert explained.  

And his insight is indeed in high demand. “The fact that I have been a government contractor, a government civilian, and in [the] industry provides unique insight into each. It allows me to speak with experience [to] the hiring process, work environment, and expectations in each,” he shared. “I’ve also been fortunate to work with a diverse group of IT and cyber professionals, [so I] can help clients as they explore which career paths might be right for them.”

Throughout his military and civilian career, Robert has made it a priority to build meaningful relationships with those around him. “One of the things I enjoyed most during my military service was mentoring my junior officers and sailors,” he said. “I’m glad I get to continue mentoring through the volunteer program.” He remembers one such interaction with a veteran looking to make a change: “[The veteran client] wanted to move from government real estate to IT. It was one of those situations where I think I learned as much as the client,” Clarady remembers. “I provided advice on things to help make his transition successful and he educated me on what he did. We continue to communicate long after the session as he excels within the IT community.”

With diverse backgrounds and varied interests, no two paths are ever the same for the veterans we serve. When volunteers set aside time to have conversations that bring clarity, their impact is tangible. “The most rewarding part has been seeing the clients succeed as they start a new career,” he shared. “Seeing those successes and knowing I was able to help in some small way is what keeps me involved.” 

He encourages others to consider the big and little ways they could make a positive impact on a veteran’s trajectory. “There are so many ways to help and a person can find one that fits them. For those who have the time, I encourage them to volunteer as a mentor,” he said. “It can be through one of the many veteran organizations, their company veteran program, or simply helping a veteran co-worker adjust to a new work environment.” 

If he could offer a word of advice to a veteran working towards a civilian career today, he’d say: “There will be setbacks like job rejections and poor interviews. I encourage the client not to focus on the negative, but to learn from the experience and apply what they learned to the next job application or interview,” Robert says. “In the end, the clients will find the right jobs for them.”

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.

Alumni Spotlight: Shane

Alumni Profile: Shane

Each quarter, we highlight a different member of our alumni community. When you’re a Hire Heroes alumnus, we want to celebrate your victories and help you find long-term success in your civilian career. We served together in the military and we continue to root for our brothers and sisters’ achievements throughout their civilian careers. This quarter, meet Shane.

After five years in the Army, Shane began her civilian career in HR.

Military Background: Shane served in the U.S. Army as an Human Resources Specialist for five years.

Professional Background: Shane attended the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English and language arts education. After graduating, she worked as an English teacher prior to joining the Army. While serving, Shane earned her masters degree in communications from Grand Canyon University. Upon transitioning out of the military, Shane accepted a position with Cielo Talent as an Onboarding Specialist before advancing to her current role at TDB Communications.

Current Position: HR Generalist  

Shane pictured with her family.

Experience with Hire Heroes USA: Shane worked with a Transition Specialist as she prepared to leave the military. Her Transition Specialist helped her search for civilian positions, strengthen her resume and prepare for interviews. At the time, Shane was also interested in potentially pursuing a federal career, so her Transition Specialist connected her with federal resume writers who could help her open the door to those opportunities.

What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning Out of the Military: Looking back at her job search, Shane wishes she had been open to entry-level civilian positions sooner. In the beginning, she was set on finding a senior level HR role. However, when she ultimately accepted an entry-level position at Cielo Talent, she found a great learning opportunity. During her five months in that role, she grew her HR skills in the civilian workforce and became familiar with new HRIS systems, which ultimately prepared her to be a competitive candidate for her current position. She sees now that there was a lot of value in this path. Had she been open to entry-level positions earlier in the transition process, her job search would have gone faster and with less rejection.

Outside of work, Shane and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors.

What I Do Outside of Work: Shane enjoys spending time with her husband and son exploring their hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Their weekend adventures usually include hanging out at the park or spending a day at the beach. Additionally, Shane is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and enjoys participating in volunteer work throughout the community. Most recently, Shane helped with a back-to-school supply drive for local students.

What I’m Most Proud of Post-Military: Shane is proud to serve in her current position and proud of the hard work that brought her here. As an HR leader, she is involved in shaping the direction of the company and defining HR’s role in supporting that growth. She is proud of the impact she has on TDB Communications.

If you’re a Hire Heroes Alumnus and you’d like to learn more about additional services, volunteer opportunities or the chance to share your story, visit the Alumni page and email Matt Kohler to get started:

Heroes Among Us: John

Heroes Among Us: John

When you meet U.S. Army Veteran John Angeles, a few things are very clear. He loves his family, he loves his country and he is proud of his education and career. As a first-generation American, he made the choice to enlist at 17 years old to improve his family’s lives as well as his own.

John while seving in the U.S. Army.

“By me doing this, not only was I willing to help my family, I was trying to help myself and at the same time build a sense of honor of serving this country that’s given me this opportunity,” John said.

John served in the U.S. Army from 1999 to 2007, completing deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. When he left the military, he started a successful career in logistics and operations, but that abruptly changed in 2018 when he lost his job.

“I happened to lose my job, and during the same period of time, I ended up being divorced. It was a difficult time for me. I came down into a severe depression, didn’t know what to do, and that’s when my younger brother paid it forward and tried to help me get into cybersecurity,” John said.

Despite being an accomplished professional, John found himself in an unfamiliar and stressful position – starting over again. He accepted a role as a cybersecurity apprentice and worked to obtain his certifications to fully break into in a new field.

Through those challenges, John kept a positive attitude and took advantage of opportunities to advance his career. He discovered Hire Heroes USA because our partner, Institute for Veterans and Military Families, awarded him a scholarship to help him obtain his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

“It was just difficult to have employers know what experiences I was bringing,” John said.
“From what they were seeing, ‘Oh this guy is an entry-level guy and he’s doesn’t have the experience required.’”

When John signed up for Hire Heroes USA’s free services, he and his dedicated Transition Specialist worked together to create a resume that effectively showcased his previous experience and applied it to a new industry. John made sure to use every benefit our program offered. He used his free subscription to Coursera courtesy of Hire Heroes USA to continue developing new skills. He also used our sample cover letters and learned interview tips from our team. 

John at his home in 2021.

“The biggest thing I appreciated about her, was that she made herself available,” John said. “That was instrumental that Linda provided that guidance.”

When John started to submit applications, it was clear that his Hire Heroes resume stood out from the rest.

“The phone started ringing. I was getting calls, I was getting interviews.”

In June 2021, COLSA hired John as a Cyber Security Test Engineer. This new position ensured stability for his family, as well as a fresh start on a new, exciting chapter in his life.

“I’m married, I have two beautiful daughters and I’m currently expecting my first baby boy.”

In fact, the program left such an impression that his wife is a current Hire Heroes USA client as she looks for a career in Human Resources.

“You have somebody in your corner. It feels that you have someone to rely on when it comes down to looking for a new job or possibly relocating somewhere.  Someone you can trust to provide that guidance for you.”

This Veterans Day, Hire Heroes USA is honoring the Heroes Among Us: the service members, veterans and military spouses who model service over self every day. This year, give the gift of empowerment and professional success to heroes like John.

Thanks to the SmileDirectClub Foundation, each donation’s impact will be tripled.

Top Jobs & Training Programs for November 2021

Top Jobs & Training Programs for November 2021

Every month, Hire Heroes USA selects several job openings from our job board to highlight. These job openings are posted by partnered employers who are looking to hire veteran and military spouse talent.

View jobs from our featured employer this month, Sharp. Also, be sure to check out several of our training partners by downloading the document below.

Click here to download the newsletter.