Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services: Is it Worth the Cost?

Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services: Is it Worth the Cost?

Johnathan Severs
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Building your resume to highlight your career is an essential component for success as a job seeker. On average, a resume can cost up to $400 with a professional resume writer and you’ll apply to 10+ jobs each day before you accept that next job offer. Many professional resume writers package their services to include career coaching which increases the cost to you. While they provide expertise in the job search process, the guidance is typically not for a specific role. Some industry professionals will provide assistance with cover letters and social media optimization but this often depends on what career or industry you are interested in, what level of the role and even location.

The question many job seekers ask is should you pay for resume services? In my experience as a professional resume writer who has assisted thousands of veteran and military spouse job seekers in finding successful employment, the answer is situationally dependent. Below I will outline some questions to ask yourself to determine if the return on investment is worth the cost.

1.) Are you a Veteran or military spouse?

Currently, there are hundreds of nation-wide veteran service organizations that are committed to providing transition services. Hire Heroes USA is the most effective veteran and military spouse employment nonprofit in the country, and our impact is demonstrated by our results. So far, we’ve confirmed over 70K veterans and military spouses hired. Register for our free assistance here.

2.) Are you resourceful and a strong networker?

A quick Google search for ‘resume help’ will open doors to fillable templates, YouTube videos, LinkedIn Learning tutorials and sample language you can use in drafting your resume. This is how I personally learned tactics in drafting my own resume. Networking also has a value with a high return on investment by connecting with the right people, asking for advice and getting tips on how to obtain employment with specific companies. You may discover in this process that resumes aren’t the only component of a successful job search. Learn how to be effective at networking by reviewing this Networking Success Guide

3.) Still need career direction?

Paying for a resume may not be necessary if you have the tools and guidance to create your own, but there are times when outsourcing this service is valuable. Career coaches can offer insight, encouragement and inspiration to help you fulfill your career dreams. Most coaches charge $75 to $250 per hour and will ask for a three-to-six-month commitment to ensure your success. Professional career coaches are helpful with:

  • – Connecting the dots and expanding your network
  • – Assessing your skills and opening new career options
  • – Career mapping your barriers and identifying ways to overcome them

If the goal is to have success in your career search and obtain employment, seeking professional support and career coaching is highly beneficial. Overall, it can provide structure for your job search, assist in giving you direction and provide accountability. Some key elements of having success in your career search include:

  • – Having the right mindset – always be career searching even when you are satisfied
  • – Know your value and know your market
  • – Reserve time to invest in yourself and upskill
  • – Be resilient and manage your fears

Understanding your worth, especially if you are newly searching in the job market or seeking professional development, is critical.  If you are already registered for Hire Heroes USA, here is a short video to help you determine what your skillset value is to a potential employer: Salary Market Research. A major life change, such as a career shift, can be intimidating. Understanding where your strengths and weakness are and actively seeking growth and mentorship can lead to increased confidence and opportunities on your career search path. No service will get you the job, but through research and sound career guidance, you will be empowered to get yourself your next role. 

Johnathan Severs is the Director of Client Programs for Hire Heroes USA. If you’re interested in receiving free career support with Hire Heroes USA, click here to learn more.