14th Annual 100 Holes for Our Heroes Fundraiser

Celebrating a Milestone

Reflection by Allison Herbst, Director of Administration and Culture at Hire Heroes USA

Each July 4th for the last 14 years, Carl wakes up before dawn and begins golfing 100 holes to raise funds for Hire Heroes USA.

I first met Carl Meyer in 2007 at the annual MedAssets’ Healthcare Business Summit meeting in Las Vegas. The Healthcare Business Summit was an annual event hosted by the then CEO of MedAssets, John Bardis. At this particular meeting, Mr. Bardis announced to 5,000+ healthcare industry leaders present that the purpose behind his newly formed nonprofit, Hire Heroes USA, was his passion for giving veterans the opportunity to be the first in line for a civilian career upon returning from service. Mr. Bardis further expressed that due to the sacrifices veterans have made, our businesses thrived. We were called on by Mr. Bardis to do our part, that it was our duty, as corporate America’s decision-makers, to make this happen for our nation’s heroes – to help give them opportunities to secure the success they have earned.  

Mr. Bardis’ passion for empowering veterans deeply aligns with Carl’s passion in this area. It sparked Carl’s idea to use his unique talents and combine his networking and sales skills with his love of golf – and the 100 Holes for Our Heroes fundraising was born that year. Each July 4th for the last 13 years, Carl wakes up before dawn and begins golfing 100 holes to raise funds for Hire Heroes USA. In his 10th year, Carl played 180 holes (10 rounds) and last year, to commemorate his 13th year, he played 113 holes.

As one of Hire Heroes USA’s first staff members, I’ve had the privilege of working with Carl from the onset of his event. I recall the excitement in Carl’s voice when he showed me the first event logo and postcard he created himself. The very first year, this event raised about $14,000 in support of Hire Heroes’ mission. His network of friends, co-workers, family members, business associates and other supporters responded to his event with positivity and generosity. They still do to this day. We both quickly realized that his event would become something special. Each year moving forward, Carl’s event would raise more funds, thus allowing Hire Heroes to assist hundreds of veterans, military members and their spouses into fulfilling careers. Here we are now, on year 14 of this special event and Carl’s determination and dedication have achieved the amazing accomplishment of raising over $1,000,000! If that is not a testament to what one man with a big heart and a mean passion for golf can accomplish, I do not know what is. I look forward to many more years seeing Carl’s event and passion thrive.

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