By Matt Erickson, MMA writer. Link to Article:

In one form or another, Brian Stann has always been fighting.

Those who compete in mixed martial arts, like the UFC’s Stann, often talk about the rigors of training and the other level a fighter’s mind and body have to climb to in order to be successful in the sport. For Stann, stepping inside the cage, as he’ll do Sunday against Mike Massenzio in San Diego, is a walk in the park compared to what he’s been through.

As a platoon leader in the Marine Corps in 2005, Stann’s unit came under heavy attack during Operation Matador in Iraq. For six days, Stann led his team of 42 Marines through counterattacks in the ambush. All 42 survived, and Stann’s leadership earned him the Silver Star, accolades from President George W. Bush, television appearances on MTV and the History Channel, high-level stories in major newspapers and magazines