Amanda Weber, News 14 Carolina


FAYETTEVILLE — Veteran Rose Wattenbarger said she hopes Wednesday’s event on Fort Bragg will bring her one step closer to a job.


“I got out last year, in February of last year, and applied for 155 jobs since, so I am either over qualified or under qualified,” said Wattenbarger.


Wattenbarger is one of thousands of veterans nationwide facing the challenging transition of looking for employment after serving our country.


“It’s a national security issue. When service members come out of the military, especially if they are wounded, ill, and injured, and they find that they can’t sustain themselves via employment, what person is going to want to enlist in all voluntary military?,” said Vivian Eng Bendewald, with the US Chamber of Commerce.


Wednesday’s event connects these men and women with possible employment and gives them training on how to market their skills.


“Essentially they are going on to fight another war, because not knowing what you don’t know and having the right tools and skill set and knowledge to go out and be successful could put them in a bad place,” said Michelle Saunders, chief program and policy adviser for Hire Heroes USA.


Wattenbarger said she hopes to find work that would give her a chance to interact with soldiers again.


“An opportunity that I would be able to give back, because I am very passionate about the military. I love the service members, and if I can get an opportunity to give back that would be incredible,” Wattenbarger said.


She said she plans to continue to push forward and that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.


“I have to keep in the back of my mind that the right position will come and when it is the right position, when it is the right job, it will fit,” said Wattenbarger.


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