Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper is honored and feels fortunate to have a culture and employee community filled with veterans and heroes. This inclusive culture fosters an environment where all veterans and employees can bring their unique skills and experiences to our teams and shine. Our Military Employee Relations Group (ERG) is an organized group of employees who are active duty, veterans, military spouses, family members of a veteran, and civilian supporters who are dedicated to enhancing our commitment to veterans, including through our recruiting efforts. These efforts include recruiting veterans into all roles, positions, teams, departments, and locations on a mission to bring fresh thinking and new opportunities to the beverage industry. We’re building on our rich heritage to create the beverage company of the future, and our passion and commitment to hiring veterans is critical part of this success.

Here’s what veterans who work with us have to say:

  • “As a veteran myself, I transitioned from my time in active duty to KDP. I was met with a cohort of other veterans who
  • have shared experiences and understanding of our past to help me with the transition process. This feeling of family has continued since my first day at this company. I know I have a team of people, spread across the country that I can count on for anything.”
    — Katie Ball, Director Leadership Development & Training, Navy veteran

  • “I had an incredibly smooth transition from active duty Army to Keurig Dr Pepper. I received mentorship, training and guidance that allowed me to modify and enhance my leadership experience from the military and apply it in a manufacturing setting. KDP has a strong military presence and veteran support structure, which created natural networking opportunities throughout various departments and levels within the company, even while learning how to operate process-driven manufacturing.”
    — Nathaniel Corbridge, Plant Manager,  Army veteran
  • “Most veterans have been through a great amount of stress and balancing acts within their military time. We recognize that these situations help in the business world because, most often, the veterans will naturally step up to be the leader or they will be the ones that are looked at to be the unspoken leaders of the group. In the sales branch I manage, I have a veteran in each pivotal role amongst all departments. What we have among one another is transparency that the process will keep going, and if there is a hang-up, we will identify it and fix it.”
    — Micah Highwalking, Branch Manager – Army veteran

We’re proud of the many veterans who have chosen to make an impact and build their careers at Keurig Dr Pepper. Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Army veteran Ken Verhulst identifies a few key reasons for their success: “From the ability to work as part of a team with a sense of urgency to a propensity for solving problems – veterans bring a skillset that easily fits our culture and allows them to hit the ground running.”

To all of our veterans, we thank you for your service. We know you have what it takes to be successful in our world. If you’re a veteran seeking a career opportunity, learn more about Keurig Dr Pepper at www.keurigdrpepper.com and view job openings at jobs.hireheroesusa.org