Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Sanford Health

It has been a big year for Sanford Health! With the completion of a merger between Sanford Health and Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, Sanford expanded its employee base to over 50,000 people and offers health services spanning clinics, hospitals, health insurance, and senior care services. Sanford hopes that with this merger both organizations will “bring expertise together creating a national model on how to deliver exceptional care through the full spectrum of life” stated Sanford CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft. 

Sanford’s growth does not end there; recently, UnityPoint Health and Sanford Health signed a letter of intent to potentially partner. It’s hoped that this partnership will provide a fully integrated health system that drives greater value through affordable options for high-quality healthcare to patients, government and employers.  The new organization would also grow to more than 83,000 staff and 2,600 physicians and expand into other lines of business for the Sanford Healthcare System. Though the merger is subject to various regulatory reviews and the timeline is fluid, the goal is for the transaction to be completed by the end of 2019. 

The merger between Good Samaritan and Sanford, and the potential merger of UnityPoint and Sanford, are both great news for veterans and military spouses, as Sanford recognizes the value that this group brings to the workforce. Before the merger, Sanford was solely located in the upper Midwest but now its geographic reach spans over 26 states and nine countries. This provides even more opportunities for job-seeking veterans to find great opportunities at Sanford. In 2019, Sanford Health was recognized by Military Times, ranking #11 in the Best for Vets among Government and Non-profit Employers for their outstanding culture, recruitment and policies for veterans, service members, and military families. 

Not only does Sanford make veterans and military spouse recruitment a priority, but they also take a holistic approach to serving these groups through patient care and by investing in the future of veterans. This is seen with several initiatives from the Sanford Chip test to scholarship opportunities.  Sanford Health provides the Sanford Chip test at no cost to U.S. veterans who are patients; it helps identify how your body responds to certain medications based on your distinct genetic make-up and looks for increased risk of some genetic diseases. By offering this test at no cost to veterans, physicians can prescribe the right drug at the right dose. 

Sanford also is part of the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) which is an enlistment option and recruiting initiative for the U.S. Army. The organization has agreed to provide guaranteed job interviews and possible employment for those troops that have selected Sanford as an employer that they would like to consider for future opportunities. It is hoped that this initiative will encourage military service and provide opportunities when troops transition into the civilian workforce.  

Additionally, Sanford invests in the future of military veterans by offering The Sanford Health Military and Veterans Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded annually to veterans, Guard/Reserve members or active duty military service members who have demonstrated leadership and commitment in their community. This scholarship was created as part of the health system’s effort to serve veterans and military personnel through patient care, employment opportunities and community outreach. Annually, Sanford awards four $5,000 scholarships and they are currently accepting applications until August 31st. 

Sanford sets itself apart in the veteran community. Year after year, Sanford continues to make veterans and the armed forces a priority. The organization truly takes a holistic approach towards supporting the military community through patient care, appreciation, employment opportunities and future success. Their appreciation for the sacrifice veterans and military families have made is recognized from the top all the way down. In 2019, Sanford was awarded the Pro Patria Award in recognition for the support, via leadership practices and personnel policies, provided to its employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserves. In March, they announced they would be providing differential pay to its employees who are deployed. 

Sanford sets the bar high through their support to veterans and military families. Interested in Sanford? Learn about their veteran hiring initiatives and check out their careers.




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