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Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Schneider

Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Schneider

By The Schneider Guy

Schneider is one of the nation’s largest and most decorated employers of current and former military personnel.

Currently, 22 percent of our truck drivers have military experience. This isn’t by chance, though. We have a variety of programs, benefits and jobs for military personnel, to recognize their service.

“I was very surprised at how many veterans and military members are running with Schneider. I talk to them over the road all the time and everybody has markings on their trucks. It’s just wonderful to see that many people.” – Andy Hopfensperger, Veteran and Schneider driver

Schneider is also leader in the transportation industry – offering a huge variety of driving options that include dozens of freight types and driving style configurations to fit any lifestyle.

Why Schneider? 

At Schneider, we hire veterans for the right reasons – because of their training and their core values in the armed forces that match our own.

We know the transition from military to civilian life can be stressful. At Schneider, we’ll help you find a truck driving job that works well for you so you start having success right away.

“It’s great that companies like Schneider are willing to invest in their veterans and that they want to see them become successful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.” – Barry Campbell, Veteran and Schneider driver 

Credit for Military Experience Program

One of our most renowned programs is our Credit for Military Experience Program. We’ll reward your commitment to serving in the military with a higher starting pay.

How it works:

If you drove a truck during your service, 100 percent of your time will be translated as Schneider experience. Example: If you drove a truck for eight years in the military, that counts as eight years of experience at Schneider.

If you served in the military in a non-transportation capacity, 25 percent of your time will be translated a Schneider experience. Example: If you served in a non-transportation capacity for eight years in the military, that counts as two years of experience at Schneider.

This means more money in your pocket from the start. 

More Schneider military programs and benefits

During your first year of driving for Schneider, you are eligible to earn a monthly educational benefit check from the VA in addition to your Schneider paycheck. You can earn up to $1,266 per month, depending on your years of service.

We promise to get you home for weekend drill and annual training – without requiring you to use paid time off.

If you are deployed, we offer extended benefits and differential pay for up to 18 months.

“Schneider constantly goes above and beyond with their military program, safety training and rewards. It isn’t just something they say; they follow through with everything. The whole transition from the military to the civilian world has been smooth because they’ve given us so much information from the beginning.” – Patrice Cook, Veteran and Schneider driver

It takes just minutes to pre-qualify.

Fill out our Military Pre-Qualification Profile and a military recruiter will reach out to you to talk about job opportunities at Schneider and military benefits. To Pre-qualify