Hire Heroes USA Featured Employer: Siemens Mobility

At Siemens Mobility, we value veterans not just for the service they have provided to our country, but for the simple fact that they happen to make great employees. 

For those who don’t know us, Siemens Mobility is a leader in transportation solutions, doing everything from manufacturing rail vehicles, to electrifying and automating solutions for both rail and roads.  Our focus is to help mobility operators around the world make infrastructure more intelligent, increase value over the entire lifecycle of our solutions, enhance passenger experience and ensure ready availability for their customers.

We have benefitted greatly from Siemens’ overall veterans outreach efforts in the U.S.  Siemens in the U.S. had been an original participant in the 2011 White House Joining Forces initiative, at that time committing to hiring 300 veterans. 

But what Siemens didn’t realize at that time was how great a fit veterans were for Siemens’ various businesses across the U.S.   Siemens announced its 2000th veteran hiring in 2016, a mark that represented a 6-fold increase from the company’s original commitment. 

Many of those veterans have come to work for Siemens Mobility, and our hiring of veterans continues to this day; today, more than 10% of Siemens Mobility’s new hires are veterans. 

We are very proud to be part of Siemens’ overall efforts, recognized by various publications for overall commitment to recruit, hire and retain qualified veterans.  Military Times named Siemens a “Best for Vets” employer in 2015 and 2018, and U.S. Veterans Magazine has named Siemens to its “Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Companies” list every year since 2015.

However, winning these accolades is not the driver for our efforts – it’s the skills and attitudes that veterans bring to our organization.

“The Marine Corps taught me skills and philosophies that enable me to help guide Siemens operations support to the next level.” – Bryan Tannehill, Manager of Operation Services at Siemens Mobility Rolling Stock

We’ve heard already about many of the benefits of working with veterans. They know how to work in an organization and with others.  They have a proven ability to learn new skills and concepts.  They usually come with a highly-transferable set of skills, supported by the military’s advanced use of technology.  And they are trained to keep safety and health standards top of mind.

But there are a lot of intangibles:  the ability to work with all different kinds of people – regardless of race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background or economic status.  Their ability to work lean and under pressure; to accomplish tight deadlines under high stress. And they have an understanding and respect for procedures – something that safety-minded companies like Siemens value highly. 

Importantly, there is a level of integrity and accountability that is only attainable through real experience with adversity, something not readily accessible by all of us who have been fortunate enough to benefit from the freedoms and comforts that those in the military have fought so hard for us to have.

An organization can’t benefit enough from this type of contribution, and that is why we continue – and will continue — to welcome veterans into our organization.

Read more about “Life at Siemens” from the point of view of one of our veterans – and how you can find out more about working at Siemens:  https://new.siemens.com/us/en/company/jobs/life-at-siemens/veterans.html