“Don’t hesitate to get involved,” says Hire Heroes USA Volunteer

To mark National Volunteer Week, Hire Heroes USA profiles another of member of our volunteer team, which is now more than 700 members strong:   

When Shawn Himes retired from a long career in Human Resources, she knew that she wanted to continue working with and helping people through volunteerism. Specifically, she felt compelled to seek out a Veterans Service Organization, which is how she became involved with Hire Heroes USA.

“I have an HR background and when I learned about Hire Heroes USA, I knew I had to get involved. Using my skills to help these amazing men and women transition back into civilian life after everything they’ve given is the very least I can do,” she says.

As an HR professional, Shawn knows the struggles on the employer side when looking at veteran candidates. As a volunteer, she is able to use that knowledge to assist veterans who have trouble communicating their value to employers. “[Their] skills are so relevant to civilian employers and that’s why it’s so important to help veterans showcase their backgrounds, in a manner that is relatable to a civilian.” By helping veterans and military spouses prepare for interviews, talk them through a job search, and check in on job search progress, Shawn is advancing the success of Hire Heroes USA clients.

Shawn isn’t connected to the military herself, but she feels indebted to the men and women who serve our country. Using her time and talent in a volunteer capacity fulfills her need to give back.

When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA, she said, “Just knowing that in some small way I might be helping to give back to those who have sacrificed so much. Honestly, I consider it a privilege.” Shawn has served in a few different volunteer capacities with Hire Heroes since mid-2014 and has given over 120 hours of service to the organization.

In addition to her work with Hire Heroes USA, Shawn also volunteers at a hospital, children-focused nonprofits, and her local chapter of The Salvation Army. A self-described “fitness enthusiast,” she spends her leisure time preparing for – and participating in – marathons, where she demonstrates the same passion and perseverance that she brings to her volunteer work.

For those thinking about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA, Shawn has this to impart: “The support given to the volunteers is amazing.  The feeling you get when you know one of the veterans you’ve worked with has gotten the job they wanted is priceless.”