Hired Military Spouse Katie Popowski

katiepopowskiMy experience with Hire Heroes USA was wonderful. My husband served in the Army and National Guard for 11 years; I was pleased to hear I could also utilize the valuable tools that Hire Heroes USA offers as the spouse of a Veteran. My husband and I had just relocated to Colorado, and I didn’t have much luck with my own job search, so I contacted Hire Heroes USA, hopeful that they could help.

The entire process of my interaction with Hire Heroes USA was pleasant and really quite easy. My Veteran Transition Specialist helped me refine my professional resume and cover letter to better exemplify my past work experience and unique skills. Once my professional documents were completed, I was able to monitor job postings on the online job board on my own. Hire Heroes USA also assigned me to an Outreach/Sourcing Specialist, who actively sent me new opportunities that matched my search and skillset. It was a Thursday (just days after working with Hire Heroes USA) when I received a phone call from my Sourcing Specialist; she had found me an opportunity that was exactly what I was looking for. She reached out to the job contact on my behalf before encouraging me to apply for the position.

The team at Hire Heroes USA jumped into action, and helped me pull together my application and proper documentation to submit. On Friday I had a phone interview, on Monday I had a follow up interview and Tuesday I was offered the job.