Hired Veteran Bryan Lysaght

Hired as a Service Representative at the Social Security Administration
United States Army E-5, Infantryman

Bryan Lysaght photoHire Heroes USA gave me the tools I needed to find employment in the civilian workforce. My responsibilities during my four years of service in the Army included managing $500,000 worth of equipment, weapons, and vehicles while maintaining zero loss/damage. I briefed senior leadership teams, providing vital information to ensure resources were allocated properly to aid combat missions.

After leaving the military, I went back to school and earned my Master of Business Administration in Operations Management degree. Even with my experience and new graduate degree, I was concerned that as a disabled veteran, I wouldn’t be given an opportunity to properly convey my experience to a prospective employer. I created a resume on my own, but struggled in the job search.

When I signed up for Hire Heroes USA services, my Veteran Transition Specialist helped me craft a professional resume that explained my skills as a Bilingual Loss Mitigation Specialist and my proven experience in sales, training and development, strategic planning, and customer service. She also showed me valuable resources to help me find the right job.

My VTS was very encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process. Now I’m starting a job with the Social Security Administration. I highly recommend the people and services of Hire Heroes USA. They care about veterans and provide us with wonderful assistance.