Casey McEuinHired as a Transition Specialist with Hire Heroes USA
United States Army, E-6, Infantryman

When I began my transition, I did so not on my own terms. I was medically retired from the United States Army after 14 years of service, forcing me to rediscover a new life I thought I wouldn’t have to face for many years. I did not know how to market myself, because I was trained to focus on the team, not my own accomplishments and attributes. Writing a resume was a foreign concept for me, and I paid to attend classes prior to discovering the free services at Hire Heroes USA.

When I registered for services with Hire Heroes USA, I received a phone call within 48 hours from my Transition Specialist. Her approach was extremely personable and individualized. I could tell she was very focused on actually listening to me and what I truly wanted to do. She immediately felt that I was a strong candidate for a Veteran Transition Specialist position with Hire Heroes USA, and within days I was engaged in the interview process. Her approach with me was exactly what the organization’s mission statement embodies.

When I received my offer letter from Hire Heroes USA, I immediately felt as if my life had immensely improved for the better. Since separating from the Army, I now have the desire to help bridge the gap between military and civilian life for other service members and veterans, who deserve a positive transition experience. My Transition Specialist was that positive change for me. She reminded me that people do care and I wasn’t forgotten.

My Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist followed through with everything she said she was going to do. If she said my resume would be done, it was done early. She contacted me every day prior to my interview, then followed up with me afterwards. Hire Heroes USA has given me the purpose and motivation in life that I felt was lost when I left the Army. Now, I have something I am proud to be devoted to for the rest of my life.