Hired Veteran Charles Carter

Charles Carter-1Hired as an Account Executive in Seattle, WA
United States Navy, E-5, Personnelman

I was not the typical Hire Heroes USA client. I transitioned out of the Navy back in 2003 and had been working in financial services until about two years ago, when I found myself out of work. Even after eight years in the field, I was having a very difficult time transitioning to another position within the financial services field.

It was my Veteran Transition Specialist’s (VTS) in-depth understanding of the hiring world which kept my spirits up. The resume was very helpful, but I really appreciated the time he took to talk to me and give me advice. He treated me more like a friend and less like a client. He also recommended that I do a few mock interviews. The volunteer mock interviewer was knowledgeable and prepared me for any possible situation that could come up in my interview, which was an enormous benefit. I felt extremely confident and ready to make a great impression.

For some time, I thought I would have to “start over” and go back to college. My VTS helped me keep my eyes on the prize and I eventually found myself in another career, not just a job. Now I’ve relocated to the Pacific Northwest for this amazing opportunity!

There are plenty of nonprofits out there that don’t do what they say they’ll do, then leave you in the dust. Hire Heroes USA is the real deal, and I’ve been sharing my experience with everyone. I can’t wait until I’m successful again and can give back to this amazing organization!