Hired Veteran Doug Watjus

Hired as a BD Capture Manager at MEI Technologies
United States Air Force, O-4, Mobility Combat Systems Officer

WatjusAfter serving 15 years in the Air Force, I decided to retire while I was still stationed in Germany. If making the transition back into the civilian world is tough for service members stateside, imagine how difficult it is for someone almost halfway around the world. There were limited opportunities to attend job fairs, secure interviews and properly prepare for my transition out of the Air Force.

When I heard that Hire Heroes USA was conducting a Transition Workshop at Ramstein Air Base, I knew it would be a great opportunity to address my concerns and prepare for my separation a few months later. In addition to a professionally revised resume, I also participated in a mock interview, which helped me practice being comfortable in an interview setting and properly convey my value as an employee.

The best part about the Hire Heroes USA program is the Veteran Transition Specialists. My VTS acted like a coach and mentor throughout the process. It was great bouncing thoughts and ideas – even a few gripes – off him. As challenging as finding new employment is, having an additional asset in your corner helped. He checked in with me several times after the workshop and continually offered to advocate on my behalf. I really appreciated everything offered through Hire Heroes USA.