Hired Veteran Frederick Benson Jr.

Hired by Defense Logistics Health Systems
United States Army, E-6

My name is Frederick Benson Jr. and I served in the Army for 20 years and 20 days. I separated from fred-bensonservice due to military downsizing. In my transition to the workforce, I struggled with presenting my military accomplishments on my resume. I was always taught team and not individualism. I also struggled with interviewing and translating military jargon so the civilian population could understand.

I learned about Hire Heroes USA through a friend after I informed him about my struggles writing a resume. My Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist guided me with instruction on how a resume should look and provided insight on the interviewing process. He gave me the confidence I needed to empower myself and seek better employment opportunities.

Before Hire Heroes USA, my job search was turning up empty – no callbacks or interviews. After seeking their guidance and working with a Transition Specialist for two months, I got a job where I help other veterans as a Veterans Evaluation Liaison Officer. Hire Heroes USA is an outstanding cause that provides veterans with the training and resources needed to transition from military service.