Hired as a Production Analyst in Dallas, TX
United States Marine Corps E-4, Finance Technician


As a nine year veteran of the Marine Corps, with leadership, staff management, and personnel development experience, my transition was a struggle. I was a successful Marine, leading teams of up to 40 personnel in a dynamic, fast – paced environment and managing risk upon multiple lines to protect assets property and equipment valued over $5M while meeting the expectations of senior leadership. When I left that behind, I felt like I didn’t belong and a lack of community; I wanted to stay in, but life had other plans for me.

I have a Master’s Degree, but still felt lost when it came to writing a resume or presenting myself professionally in an interview. The Veteran Transition Specialist that I worked with at Hire Heroes USA coached me through the entire employment process. My VTS worked with me to create a strong resume, and set me up with mock interviews so that I could practice before the real thing. Always available to answer my many questions, I can’t thank my VTS enough.

My whole experience with Hire Heroes USA was great! I have told other veterans about the services they provided and how they helped me succeed in getting my dream job of working for the Dallas Cowboys.