Hired as an Auto Claims Adjuster at USAA
United States Army, E-6, Human Resources

Jessica Crum

The biggest challenge for me during my transition was the fact that we were moving to a new location after separating from the military. I found that employers were less likely to take you seriously with an out-of-state address. Many were hesitant to provide a telephone interview in lieu of an in-person interview, and when I did travel for interviews, it was a lot of coordination and money.

I first connected with Hire Heroes USA at a Transition Workshop held on base at Fort Bragg. My Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) spoke with me about the difficulties I was having, and he was quick to offer ideas and helpful tips to overcome the challenges. I left the workshop with a revised resume that incorporated his suggestions and a new outlook on finding employment.

We remained in touch throughout my job search, and he continued to check in on me. Knowing that I had my VTS and Hire Heroes USA in my corner to assist me was great. Now I have a great new job in the city I want to live in. Without a doubt, I recommend transitioning soldiers work with Hire Heroes USA. Thank you all!