josh croftHired as a Plant Manager in Gainesville, GA
U.S. Air Force, E-5

When I separated from the U.S. Air Force in 2008, I had a plan. I had worked in military security and anticipated a seamless transition into civilian law enforcement for my post-Air Force career. While I was hired quickly after leaving active duty, I found the transition much more difficult than I expected. I struggled with the lack of structure I was accustomed to in the military and hoped there was something better for me than my original plan.

In late 2015, due to unforseen circumstances, I found myself without a job. With a family to support, I knew I needed to refine my search to find a new career that aligned with long-term success. I learned about Hire Heroes USA from a chance conversation a few years back with Brian Stann, the nonprofit’s president and CEO.  I decided to give Hire Heroes USA a try and the result was so much more than I expected.

From the very first time I worked with my Transition Specialist, I knew that Hire Heroes USA was exactly what I needed. The resume she helped me create was professional, and it perfectly summarized both my military and civilian job duties. While the resume was a crucial element to helping me find a new career, her personalized coaching and support was truly what pushed my experience over the top. She treated me as a friend rather than a client, which gave me the confidence needed to succeed in this process. When I received a job offer, I was asked to provide salary and benefit requirements for negotiation. Having never been in this position before, I put in an urgent call to my Transition Specialist who helped me navigate this conversation. Her guidance empowered me to negotiate a salary 30% higher than the initial offer.

I am now six months out from this experience and settled into my new career. I have recently had positions open under my supervision, and I’m working to hire veterans to give them the same opportunities that I was given, thanks to Hire Heroes USA. In six months, I’ve gone from unemployed to excelling in my new career and becoming a new homeowner. Life has never been this good, and I owe a huge part of that to Hire Heroes USA.