Hired as a Field Project Supervisor in Chicago, IL
United States Army O-3, Financial Manager

Lamont R

As an IT Specialist with a Master’s Degree and Army veteran with a Top Secret Security Clearance offering 25 years of configuration management, risk management, data system, and telecommunication operations in the military and private sector, I didn’t think my transition to the civilian workforce would be such a challenge.

However, I learned that transitioning from the military to civilian life can be tough. As a disabled veteran, I experienced additional challenges. I knew that I had the education and experience to succeed in the IT field; I just didn’t know how to translate it through a resume or an interview.

When I was connected with a Veteran Transition Specialist through Hire Heroes USA, I received the help I needed to create a quality resume, and build my confidence in interviewing and networking skills. I cannot say enough good things about my VTS, who was always there to check on my progress and encourage me during my period of unemployment.

Hire Heroes USA has been a “helping hand” for me. It was obvious that my VTS really cares for veterans, which can make all of the difference in the world—much of my successful transition to civilian employment is due to the quality assistance I received from Hire Heroes USA.