Hired Veteran Marlowe Dickerson

Hired as a Veteran Outreach Specialist in Los Angeles, CA
United States Marine Corps, E-4, Infantryman

marlowe dickerson

After four years of service with the United States Marine Corps, I separated from the military in 2007. I heard about Hire Heroes USA as I was wrapping up an internship, and it seemed like something I could recommend to the transitioning military members and veterans I was working with in that role. First, I wanted to try it for myself. The timing linked up really well, because I was just finishing school and looking for a full-time position.

I was unfamiliar with the job market, how to tailor my resume and what to expect in a real job interview. I was also concerned about my confidence going into job interviews, because the process was completely new to me. When I connected with Hire Heroes USA, we hit the ground running. I was a little uneasy at first because most of their services are delivered through phone and email, but those concerns were quickly put to rest after I got started in the process. I was blown away by the resume my Transition Specialist helped me create and when I found the job posting for my current position, he helped me tailor my resume for the application. I also did a mock interview with a Hire Heroes USA volunteer, who provided great feedback on the answers I gave to each interview question. Working with her helped me prepare for a real job interview.

After working with Hire Heroes USA, I landed my current role as a Veteran Outreach Coordinator at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Now I go out of my way to tell every unemployed veteran I come into contact with about Hire Heroes USA. I have come across many other organizations that offer similar services, but none of them are on par with Hire Heroes USA. It is the best option for anyone transitioning out of the military or looking for a new job.