Hired as an Unexploded Ordinance Technician
United States Army E-8, Field Artillery Senior Sergeant

It had been 27 years since I had applied for a job, and I had never used a resume in applying for one. It took some research and trial and error to understand the importance of a strong resume in successfully acquiring a job. More importantly, there was a learning curve in applying the key words in a job description and modifying my resume to best sell my qualities to the agencies to which I applied for employment. Lastly, I had no understanding/knowledge on how lengthy the hiring process could be.

My Hire Heroes USA Veteran Transition Specialist provided valuable advice and recommendations for modifying my resume for positions I was interested in applying. He was very responsive to my questions, and encouraged me to be patient in awaiting responses. I ended up getting the first job I applied for after my VTS helped me modify my resume to fit the duty description. I truly felt that I had someone in my corner to encourage and coach me and that without his help, I would more than likely still be looking for a job.

I cannot recommend using Hire Heroes USA highly enough. The service I received was outstanding and I truly feel I owe my success in being hired to this organization. Thanks so much for the help!