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[column size=”2/3″]Nathan Rosser registered with Hire Heroes USA after separating from the US Army as a Staff Sergeant. After reviewing Nathan’s resume, his Veteran Transition Specialist discovered that Nathan was not properly communicating his skills and qualifications to civilian employers. Hire Heroes USA helped Nathan quantify his experience and highlight key words in order to present himself as a qualified candidate for jobs. Nathan was then able to tailor his resume specific to individual job descriptions, increasing his chances of securing interviews. This personalized resume assistance, coupled with interview skills coaching, helped Nathan find employment as Operations Manager for an international firm in the natural stone industry. Additionally, Nathan serves as a hiring manager in his new role, allowing him to utilize his new skills to select highly qualified talent.

Some words from Nathan
“I feel that Hire Heroes USA is one of the best veteran sites I have ever worked with. It is far more personal; they ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the work force.  My Veteran Transition Specialist, Shana Mays, assisted me in every step of the process. She didn’t just tell me what needed to happen, she walked me through it. This is what separates Hire Heroes USA from any other company. Searching for a career is a job; Shana and everyone over at Hire Heroes USA make the search so much easier.”[/column]